Trump’s Middle East plan: Jordan Prime Minister’s Response

Will this even be able to help both the conflicted countries?

So-Called Treaty of the Century on the Graveyards of Palestinian

Following the United States President Donald J. Trump’s presentation in which he presented his peace treaty on January 28, 2020, which is also being called as Trump’s “Treaty of the century”. This peace plan was formulated to release the conflicts between Israel and Palestine, which has been going on for the last three years and has cost the lives of many innocent individuals. Trump’s Middle East plan leads to some mixed feelings between the officials that were present during the presentation.

According to the officials, they support Trump’s Middle East plan that is to promote peace and harmony between Palestine and Israel, but they do not endorse the fruit of those labor, which would be due to the peace treaty.

Even though the gulf countries are not coordinated towards the United States peace initiative taken by Trump, they could not afford to disturb their good relationship with the United States of America as that might cost them with regional threats. The Middle Eastern countries could not also accept Trump’s Middle East plan as it would expose them to national along with territorial charges of undermining the Palestinian cause.

This treaty suggests providing the groundwork required to take a large share of land by Israel and also the formation of a Palestinian state with limited sovereignty.

According to a poll conducted in Palestine, around 94% of Palestinian officials and the public sector are opposing this treaty.

Role of Saudi Arabia in Trump’s Middle East plan

The case of Saudi Arabia is perhaps the most compelling of them all due to the strong interpersonal and bilateral connections, both the Unites States and Saudi Arabia share between them.  This association is yet to become a full-throated endorsement officially by the United States. To get the endorsements, the Saudi officials give their support for the peace treaty by releasing a statement that includes Saudi Arabia’s appreciation for the efforts put in to create the Trump’s Middle East plan and to return to the bilateral relations between the two countries.

Recently, the Saudi foreign minister said in a press release that Trump’s peace treaty does have some positive elements in it, which might help in forming the negotiations between Israel and Palestine. From the response of the Saudi official also infer that several other peace treaties were presented earlier, then Trump’s Middle East plan, but the Saudi government has adopted a more adjustable perspective to solve this conflict.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabia is also leaning towards the declaration that was held by the Arab League Summit in Cairo, Egypt, that the Gulf countries would not corporate with the United States in the peace treaty as it does not fulfill the requirement to become a peace plan.

Also, during the meeting held by the Organization of Islamic Co-operation for the Muslim allies in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to not to make easier the efforts made to the Trump’s Middle East plan.  In a recent phone call made by the King of Saudi Arabia to the Palestinian officials after the release of Trump’s Middle East plan to encourage him that the Saudi government is dedicated to the Palestinian cause.

Jordan’s Prime Minister’s response

In 1994, the Jordan King Hussein and the Prime Minister of Israel, Rabin signed an accord declaring to uphold the peace between both countries along with the others in the region. After twenty-five years of signing the treaty, the two countries are at their lowest points.

According to the Prime Minister of Jordan, Trump’s Middle East plan for peace between Israel and Palestine was not discussed with him before the announcement.  The prime minister is worried that this might put the Jordan-Israeli treaty into a freezing mode that might potentially ruin it even though the treaty did not get worked up to its full effect.

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