Trump’s Actions Threaten US Democracy: Barack Obama

Obama Believes That Trump Will Ultimately Disrupt The Nation

Obama Believes That Trump Will Ultimately Disrupt The Nation

The former United States President Barack Obama has stated publicly that his successor in the office has become an imminent threat to the racial justice and democracy of the United States. This is one of the most shocking moments in the history of modern politics as Obama gives a stark warning that Trump’s actions threaten US democracy. To prove the point made by the former President of America, the current US President Donald Trump went on national television to try to cast the upcoming presidential elections as illegitimate in the eyes of the general population of America.

Due to the deadly coronavirus pandemic that has cost the lives of 150, 000 Americans, the presidential elections have been obscured from sight, in which Donald Trump and Joe Biden are trying to win the seat, as this year’s presidential election might be one of the most important elections. But it is believed by some people that Trump’s actions threaten US democracy.

Barack Obama’s intervention in elections 2020

As former US president Barack Obama is out of office, he now has the time to attend the funeral of Rep. John Lewis. According to him, the current President of the country is deep in crisis and is desperately trying to cling to power, due to which instead of trying to resolve the situation with truth, he is reaching towards disinformation and lies to conceal the truth, which clearly suggests that Trump’s actions threaten US democracy.

Barack Obama’s eulogy at the funeral was not only just his public intervention in the presidential election campaign of 2020, but it depicts the explicit, raw, and unrestrained unburdening about competition regarding a prominent and highlighted public stage of his complete political career.

In the campaign of 2008, Barack Obama has powerfully and passionately spoken regarding the racial prejudice in the country while trying to heal the wounds of the country. During the campaign, he was asked about his relationship with controversial Rev. Jeremiah Wright, due to which he shared an intimate and private memory of his experience while trying to explain the reason regarding the upsetting of Black American community after the murder of Trayvon Martin and the break-in and mass shooting at a Church in South Carolina in 2015. It is also believed by Obama that Trump’s actions threaten US democracy.

During the speech for John Lewis, Obama’s tone was urgent and of an activist, rather than his optimistic and healer tone that has once declared that there is no white or black America. As Obama has also declared that Trump’s actions threaten US democracy, it has now brought an open clash between the country’s first Black President and the Trump who has made his name by launching a racist campaign against Obama, and is now trying for re-election while supporting and defending monuments of generals of Civil War who have fought to maintain slavery in the nation.

Trump’s tweet for the delay in elections 2020

It was likely expected and not surprising news when, one morning, President Trump tweeted for a delay in the presidential elections 2020. According to him, the prospect of having mail-in votes is very prone to a massive amount of fraud that could disrupt the actual results of the elections for president this year. The death of John Lewis, an African American who was beaten to death while he was trying to secure voting rights for the African Americans residing in the United States, has now branded Trump’s campaign as a direct threat to the country. Due to President Trump’s law and order situation, the law enforcement agencies were allowed to use batons and tear gas against multiple peaceful public demonstrations after the death of George Floyd. Due to several matters, including handling of the coronavirus pandemic in the country and protests after the inhumane death of George Floyd by the hands of a police officer, it is believed that Trump’s actions threaten US democracy.

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