Trump will hold a video conference at G7 leaders at Camp David

Decision taken after several countries have implemented travel bans.

A Wise Decision by Donald Trump to Hold a Video Conference at G7

The United States President Donald Trump will hold a video conference at G7 leaders at Camp David due to the coronavirus outbreak. This decision has been taken as multiple nations across the world have sealed their borders and have implemented travel restrictions to stop the further spread of this infection after it has been reported in 170 countries across the globe.

President Trump will hold a video conference at G7 with the heads of the world’s most industrialized and developed countries this week, which will be followed in April, May, and June or until a physical meeting can be scheduled to happen.

A physical conference cannot be commenced due to the recent outbreak of COVID 19, which is an airborne and contagious disease that has infected more than 260,000 people around the world, and the figures continue to rise rather fast. After the infection’s first case being reported in China last December, it was thought to be isolated in the same country, but now COVID 19 has been declared pandemic by which more than 11,000 individuals have died all over the world.

As the numbers continue to rise even after all protective measures being applied and cities put into lockdown, the virus is not stopping, which is why Trump will hold a video conference at G7 and have advised everyone to stay isolated until a vaccine against the virus has developed.

G7 conference

President Trump will hold a video conference at G7, which was scheduled to happen in June at Camp David. The White House has informed all members who were scheduled to attend the conference. The members G7 include the leaders of the United States of America, Japan, Canada, Italy, Germany, France, England, and the European Union.

Donald Trump has annoyed Europe by instating a travel ban on its citizens without first warning the leaders. Italy has become the epicenter of coronavirus with the most number of deaths in a single area as the death toll has surpassed four thousand individuals, the quantity even greater than China, where the virus was first detected.

Trump will hold a video conference at G7 in March and continue this process for the next few months until the situation has resolved.  The G7 conference was initially scheduled to be conducted on Trump’s personal property in Florida but was cancelled after it was criticized that Trump will profit financially from the conference.

Due to the recent decision as Trump will hold a video conference at G7, which was scheduled to be held in Camp David, the economic adviser of the White House Larry Kudlow has informed all the leaders. The initiative to hold the G7 summit via video call is requested and advised for all countries to centralize all their assets for the health and economic challenges that are being faced around the world due to COVID 19.

It has also been advised to all developed and rich countries to help other underdeveloped or developing countries who have limited resources to handle the pandemic by providing them sufficient medical supplies and specialized staff to counter the attack by the novel coronavirus or the country’s economy will perish and would take several months for it to stand up again.

Focus of G7 Conference

Trump will hold a video conference at G7 during which the novel coronavirus will be discussed at length along with several other topics. Normally, all G7 countries send their leaders along with large delegations to the summit, and media from all around the world cover the meeting. President Trump has intended the meeting to cover up traditional topics, i.e., climate change, along with the global economic recession, which has started due to the pandemic.

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