Trump Warns To Send Army To Stop Unrest

Excessive Looting, Rioting, and Assaults Are Being Reported Across the Country

Excessive Looting, Rioting, and Assaults Are Being Reported Across the Country

The President of the United States, Donald Trump warns to send army to stop unrest and chaos across the country after the unjustified death of George Floyd by the law enforcement officer. The President has threatened the general population of the country to stop their demonstrations that have started to get out of hand. To defend the civilians across the United States not taking part in these protests, President Trump is willing to deploy the military army and resources to dissolve the issue quickly.

Protests in the United States to prevent abuse of power

Across the United States, multiple cities are experiencing several protests that have begun after the death of George Floyd, a black man who died due to blunt force trauma to his neck. Video footage has become viral as a white police officer is seen putting his knee on the back of George Floyd’s neck for the time period of eight minutes to restrict and limit his movements. The police officer continued to put his body weight on his neck after Floyd continuously complained of not being able to breathe properly.  These numerous protests have rapidly escalated into violent activities, after which Trump warns to send army to stop unrest and chaos across the country.

To criticize the actions of President Trump, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden said that he would not allow any president to limit our freedom of speech and public as an assembly. On Tuesday, a law enforcement officer died in Las Vegas while using firearms to disperse a large gathering.

A large number of people have been injured in multiple demonstrations across the country, as the law enforcement authorities have begun the use of tear gas along with force to dissipate large crowds. Public protests have been recorded in 75 cities across the United States amid the Coronavirus rapid outburst in the country due to which more than 110,000 have died in the last few months. To control the rapidly escalating violent situation,. President Trump warns to send army to stop unrest and havoc in the United States.

Restlessness has increased as people across the country have been triggered after the death of George Floyd is calling it an abuse of power. The black community across the United States is usually severely oppressed and not respected by white people. Multiple cases have been reported where white police officers have arrested black individuals without any cause.

Multiple departmental stores and shops have been looted, and their windows smashed into pieces aid the violent protests. To control the ongoing unrest situation, multiple cities have initiated curfews to limit the uncontrollable chaos. Amid the protests, multiple civilians have been killed either by shooting by police officers or during brutal demonstrations, after which Trump warns to send army to stop unrest across the country.

To show solidarity with the black community and the death of George Floyd, multiple celebrities and music channels paused for eight minutes to mark the event of Blackout Tuesday. Several influencers, actors, and celebrities also show their support by posting on social media platforms.

President Trump’s remarks

The United States President Donald Trump delivered a short and brief speech from the White House, to show his support towards the unjustified death of George Floyd. During the speech, the chants of nearby protests while being dispersed can be heard. Trump warns to send army to stop unrest, excessive looting, rioting, vandalism, assaults, and destruction of private property that has begun across the country maid the coronavirus pandemic.

Thousands of heavily armed soldiers have been dispatched across the country to help law enforcement officers to prevent and limit any unlawful activity across the country. Around 16,000 armed personnel have been deployed after President Trump warns to send army to stop unrest.

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