Trump Took Shelter in Bunker

Protests across the United States Have Turned Aggressive

Protests across the United States Have Turned Aggressive

The United States President Donald Trump took shelter in bunker present inside the White House in Washington, D.C, as protests raged on across the country. President Trump was rushed inside the hidden bunker on Friday night as multiple hundreds of protesters began to gather outside the White House. Some of the protestors even threw stones and rocks at the mansion along with pulling at the police barricades.

President Trump stayed safe inside the bunker

President Trump took shelter in bunker for around 1 hour due to hundred of aggressive protestors present outside the executive mansion in Washington. The bunker under the White House is made solely to be used for emergency situations where the lives of the President and other high ranking officials are at stake, including terrorist attacks.

The shouting of slogans by the protestors present at the Lafayette Park could be easily heard in the White House that happened all weekend. The crowd of hundreds of individuals became very hard to control by the law enforcement officers along with certain secret service agents due to which Trump took shelter in bunker hidden inside the White House. There are no public reports which might suggest that a bunker exists, but an administration official was able to confirm the news who spoke on condition of anonymity.

During the terrorizing and aggressive attack on the White House done by the protest marchers outside the mansion, President Donald Trump took shelter in bunker, hidden inside the White House, due to the surprise turn of events. President Trump spends around one hour hidden safely inside the locker with multiple secret service agents.

It was not confirmed that whether first lady Melania Trump and their child Barron Trump was present beside the President hidden inside the bunker. It is evident from the protocol of the Secret Service that all individuals who are under the sworn protection of the agency would be held safe inside the locker.

Why did the protests begin?

Several protests have begun in multiple cities across the United States of America since Friday and have dramatically escalated throughout the country. The cause of these recent protests in the death of George Floyd, an innocent black man who died after a white law enforcement officer put his knee at the back of Floyd’s neck, pinning it down on the ground in the city of Minneapolis.

The multiple peaceful demonstrations to get justice for George Floyd have taken a violent turn, catching the police officers by surprise, leading to multiple aggressive events, including President Trump took shelter in bunker.

These recent violent attacks by the public demonstrators during which Trump took shelter in bunker, have begun on the highest level of alerts in the White House since the terrorist attack of September 11, 2001, on the World Trade Center. The White House has denied sharing their security protocols with the public as the Secret Service does not have the authority to discuss any and all plans for evacuation and other preventive measures protocols done inside the mansion.

As the protests have begun getting violent and aggressive across the country, leading to the burning of public and private property in multiple cities, the tension across the country has started to escalate amid the coronavirus pandemic.

To control the aggravating situation in the United States, the Department of Justice has allowed the services of U.S Marshals along with several agents from the Drug Enforcement Administration to help the National Guard forces guarding the White House. All additional forces have been deployed to protect the United States President, and other government officials present in the executive mansion.

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