Trump Suspends Immigration Laws Due To Coronavirus Pandemic

Decision Was Taken After Number of Patients in the Country Crossed 300,000

Trump Suspends Immigration Laws Due To Increasing Number of Infected Patients in the Country

The United States President Donald Trump suspends immigration laws during the coronavirus pandemic to implement a strict enforcement regime at the southern border of the United States. As Trump suspends immigration laws, which was implemented to protect minors and asylum seekers so that the government of the United States cannot turn them away or immediately deport them from the country.

Reason behind Suspension of immigration law

President Trump suspends immigration laws to control the uncontrolled, mass border crossing movement to and from the United States. This would also help protect and reduce the number of human trafficking victims, along with persecuted groups. Trump suspends immigration laws amid the coronavirus outbreak to reduce the number of individuals in the country, which implements an expulsion order to send migrants back to Mexico in an average time period of 96 minutes.

The border patrol of the United States does not perform medical checks, including coronavirus testing to people crossing the border, which fights further escalate the rapidly growing numbers of COVID 19 patients in America due to which it has been decided as Trump suspends immigration laws to prevent the economical collapse of the country. This decision was necessary to prevent the general population of the United States, along with the health care workers from being infected by COVID 19.

After Trump suspends immigration laws amid the coronavirus pandemic, border patrols have tightened their control along with the release of the detainees back to their countries that were locked in United States immigration jails and holding cells present near the border which would help reduce the chances of a further increase in the spread of COVID 19 which has already infected 301,147 individuals across the United States out of which 8, 173 had died after spending their last days in critical condition quarantined in Intensive Care Units across the country. Out of the total infected patients, only 14, 518 people recovered back to optimum health after going through mild symptoms of COVID 19.

A huge steel barrier is also under construction amid the coronavirus outbreak on the border between the United States and Mexico, which is a key campaign issue for Donald Trump, which was promised by his in 2016. This massive border wall is several miles long and is expected to be completed soon.

United States President Donald Trump suspends immigration laws amid the COVID 19 pandemic by dropping many policies and legal protections for the immigrants, which were called out by him to be the worst immigration laws ever. A pilot test is being conducted on a new set of laws regarding immigrants, which were previously advocated for a long period due to their strictness. This includes that if a migrant illegally crosses the border, they would not have any rights to file a claim in the American immigration court, along with no human rights.

United States, under strict lockdown

The United States of America has been put under strict lockdown amid coronavirus pandemic to limit the further transmission of the infection after a rapid surge seen in multiple cities of America, including New York, New Orleans, and Detroit. After initiating a country wide lockdown, strict border control has been initiated, which is essential for the health of the general public after Trump suspends immigration laws, which would help the country from potential threats of COVID 19 that might arrive with each unmonitored border crossing.

Across the country, all non-essential travel has been banned. Public places that might attract crowds have been shut down. All pharmacies, general supermarkets, along with health facilities are allowed to be open at all hours to help the general population amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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