Trump Plans to Reopen US Due To Increasing Unemployment Aid

New COVID 19 Cases Are Increasing By an Average of 2,500 per Day

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The COVID-19 pandemic is affecting everyone across the world as 210 countries and territories worldwide contain confirmed COVID-19 cases. Due to this increasing plague, all businesses have been shut down, and several companies have fired millions of employees to reduce and cope with the financial load of their companies.

The United States is providing funds to those individuals who have lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. President of the United States, Donald Trump plans to reopen US due to increasing unemployment aid demands of the general population of the area.

The coronavirus is rapidly spreading even though multiple countries are initiated lockdowns and have urged their general population to follow the protocols of social distancing, including the ban of the gathering of more than 5 in all public places. This contagious infection can be transmitted via air currents, humidity in the environment, airborne transmission, and 24 hours stay on metallic and plastic objects and surfaces.

Sanitization has been done in all areas on a daily basis, which is being currently open for the public. The unemployment rate in the US has surpassed 22 million due to which Trump plans to reopen US due to increasing unemployment aid requests made by the public.

 President Trump’s action against increasing unemployment rate

The United States Labor market is gradually declining as additional 5.2 million people have filed for unemployment aid and benefit currently being provided by the government, which is affecting heavily as the total number of unemployment rate have increased up to 22 million inside the country as employers are letting of several personnel which is no longer required to worker amid coronavirus pandemic as thousands of companies are undergoing financial burdens just to keep their company and businesses upright during the crisis due to global economic recession.

To counter this issue, President Trump plans to reopen US due to increasing unemployment aid load on the government of the country. A set of guidelines have been issued by the President on Thursday, which would provide a detailed review on how to gradually reopen the United States, after thoroughly discussing the damage on the country caused by COVID-19 pandemic.

There has been a series of glitches that are preventing millions of American citizens from receiving their share of payments on time. Meanwhile, a small initiative, which was started to help small businesses in the country has stopped accepting further new claims as it has run out of money to provide for which it has been decided as President Trump plans to reopen US due to increasing unemployment aid demand and limited resources to provide to the general public in need.

COVID 19 situation in the United States

A month-long lockdown will be gradually lifted from the country as Trump plans to reopen US due to increasing unemployment aid pressure and reduced money to provide, despite the concern shown by the health care system as it has a potential for a resurgence of cases which would be twice in number as before.

The rapidly escalating numbers of confirmed COVID-19 infected patient count has reached 650,833, which is highest around the world. The death toll is also increasing as 32,707 people have already died, largely in New York, New Orleans, and Detroit. Only 49,100 individuals had the capacity to recover back completely to their optimum health level after being infected by the virus.

An average of 2,500 cases are daily being reported across the United States, which will provide harmful outcomes if the country is to be reopened in the near future without the backup aid of a viable antidote to eliminate the further transmission of the infection, which has not been discovered yet even though scientists and researchers around the globe are working round the clock to discover a vaccine as quickly as possible to ensure the health safety of the population on Earth.

President Trump plans to reopen US due to increasing unemployment aid demand, which might lead to catastrophic outcomes inside the country.

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