Trump May Unveil Second Coronavirus Task Force Soon

This Will Help the Country to Reopen As Soon As Possible

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United States President Donald Trump may unveil second coronavirus task force soon as the number of COVID 19 infected cases are increasing rapidly. Until now, all across America, 455,445 individuals have been diagnosed with COVID 19 after testing more than 2,309,531 people.

The death toll of the country is also rapidly increasing as 16,114 deaths have been confirmed for being associated with COVID 19 that is quickly spreading across the whole country even after strict lockdown has been initiated in multiple cities of the United States to ensure the public safety and limit further spread of the infection.

Only 24,562 individuals have fully recovered back to their optimum health after being infected with the virus, and multiple testing is being done on the recovered patients that would help those infected individuals who are undergoing critical conditions. President Trump may unveil the second task force soon that would help prevent further spread of the infection throughout the country.

Multiple countries have initiated lockdowns along with closing their international borders, ban on non-essential travel throughout the country along with mandatory usage of personal protective equipment, which includes a face mask, gloves, and hand sanitizer.

Second Task Force to combat COVID 19 in the United States

It is under preparation as President Donald Trump may unveil second coronavirus task force soon to combat the infection spread across the country. This task force is under development, which would help reduce the economic recession of the country. The main reason behind the formation of the second coronavirus task force is to focus on the reopening of the country’s economy.

Trump may unveil second coronavirus task force soon which would be a combination of private sector and top administration level officials, including Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, national economic advisor Larry Kudlow and Steven Mnuchin who is a Treasury, Secretary of the United States along with Kevin Hasset, a former chairman of Council of Economic Advisors. It is yet to be officially decided, but Meadows is likely to lead the second coronavirus task force.

Reason to form a second coronavirus task force

President Donald Trump may unveil second coronavirus task force soon, which will be entirely separate from the first coronavirus task force, despite having some of the members overlap with each other. The reason for the formation of another coronavirus task force is to reopen the country as soon as possible due to the increasing economic recession of the country.

Trump may unveil second coronavirus task force soon who will focus on which businesses should run and would directly help the country amid the coronavirus pandemic. The goal of this is to reopen as much of the country as possible by April 30, while following the protocol of social distancing to prevent further spread of COVID 19.

It is believed that the President of the United States, Donald Trump may unveil second coronavirus task force soon to help the country recover back. This task force will have informal meetings on a weekly basis, unlike the first task force formed by the President, and communication will be held over phone calls along with some brief in-person meetings with the president.

This task force was scheduled to be announced earlier this week, but got delayed for which no comments have been made by the White House. Jared Kushner, President Trump’s senior adviser, and son in law has also formed his personal working group which is also referred as a shadow task force which is also helping the country from the coronavirus crisis, which is increasing day by day as 1,577,360 cases had been reported across the world since its first diagnosis in mainland China in December 2019.

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