Trump Left White House for Final Time Ahead of Joe Biden Inauguration

25,000 Troops in DC Along With Numerous Military Soldiers Appoints Throughout 50 States of US

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The President of the United States has left the White House for the last time during his presidency, some time ahead of the inauguration ceremony of the elected President Joe Biden. Trump has flown off in a helicopter towards the nearby located Andrews base, where is spoke with the public and then flew aboard the Air Force One plane towards Florida. Donald Trump has become the first United States president to fail to acknowledge his successor, Joe Biden’s inauguration since the year 1869.

Washington DC under intense scrutiny

Joe Biden inauguration ceremony had been scheduled to be conducted on January 20th, and Biden took the oath for the Office by noon in the city of Washington DC. Due to possible armed riots by Trump supporters, the entire capital city of the United States has been completely fortified with various checkpoints, barbed wire fences along with tens of thousands of military troops appointed throughout the city.

Biden inauguration has been held as around 25,000 National Guard troops were present to secure the parameter and take immediate action in case of any unexpected or unfortunate event. The massive amount of military soldiers that were present were to replace the thousands of spectres that would have been present to attend the Biden inauguration but were not allowed due to the increasing issue of coronavirus pandemic.

The massive amount of National Guard appointed to secure the Biden inauguration ceremony in just the capital city of the United States is five times more than those military troops that were sent to the Middle Eastern countries, including Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq and Iran by the United States. The massive amount of military troops and various security measures appointed to prevent any mishap during the Biden inauguration have made the entire city of Washington DC as a war zone.

Alongside Joe Biden as the newly elected President of the United States, Kamala Harris would be appointed as the first female, Black and Asian-American Vice President of the United States. Ahead of the Biden inauguration ceremony, he has set out fifteen different executive actions that would take immediately after being appointed as President, which includes climate changes, equality among people, immigration and the COVID-19 pandemic.

Events schedule to occur on Joe Biden Inauguration day

Joe Biden will be sworn in as the 46th United States president of the country by the Chief Justice of Supreme Court John Roberts outside of the Washington DC. There have been extra tight security measures undertaken to protect the newly elected President Joe Biden inauguration event and to prevent any unexpected event from happening like the breach of security by violent Trump supporters on January 6.

Among those that would be present during the Biden, inauguration includes three former United States presidents, George W Bush, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama, whom Biden served with as his Vice president for the duration of eight years. Mike Pence, the outgoing vice president, will also be attending the Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony, as he would be skipping the farewell military salute for the ex-President Donald Trump at the Joint Base Andrews.

Aides stated that Joe Biden, a Democratic candidate will use his speech after the inauguration that would be around half an hour long to deliver his optimistic call for the unity of the nation after the turbulent tenure of his predecessor Donald Trump.

A few minutes before the sworn-in ceremony of vice president Kamala Harris, after which she would be elevated to the position that is just a heartbeat away from the role of the presidency.

According to the schedule for the Biden inauguration, there would be a musical performance of the national anthem of the United States by Lady Gaga, along with Garth Brooks and Jennifer Lopez. After the inauguration, a concert would be held in the evening, which would be hosted by Tom Hanks, and would include performances by Demi Lovato, Justin Timberlake, Jon Bon Jovi, John Legend and Bruce Springsteen.

Joe Biden, who is a Catholic by religion, has plans to attend a Mass on January 20 morning on Wednesday at a cathedral in the city along with four top leaders of the Congress, both from the Democratic and Republic side.

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