Trump Is Going To Send ‘A Surge’ Of Federal Security Forces To Cities

Decision Will Help Control The Increasing Protests And Public Violence

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The United States President Donald Trump is going to send a surge of federal security forces to cities in the United States. Chicago, along with other cities across the United States that are being run by Democratic leaders, are under target due to the Republican president’s move. These federal security forces to cities are being sent due to the increasing wave of violence across the country.

Even though deployment of federal security forces to cities like Oregon and Portland might become controversial, according to the local government, this move might further increase the growing tension due to the ongoing violent protests across the country. By implementing a law and order situation and prevent further issues, Donald Trump is going forward for his re-election as US president in November.

Across the United States, there has been an increased number of violent protests and demonstrations after the death of George Floyd, a black man who died unarmed while in the custody of the Minneapolis police department. As the amount of public protests has escalated, there has been a rapid spike in the cases of gun violence in several metropolitan regions, including Philadelphia, New York City, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Los Angeles. Due to these issues, President Donald Trump has decided to send federal security forces to cities, whose law enforcement agencies are unable to control the increasing mob.

In the city of Portland, a public demonstration of more than 50 days has been held, during which Mayor Ted Wheeler was the victim of tear gas, which has been done by the federal agents. Mayor Wheeler later gave a statement, confirming that nothing during the protest provoked this kind of aggressive response.

Operation Legend

This operation has been announced by President Donald Trump, which will oversee federal agents from the Marshals Services, FBI, and other federal agencies present in the United States, to work alongside the local law enforcement agencies. The operation was named after a four-year-old child, LeGend Taliferro who had been shot dead while sleeping inside their family residence in Kansas City. While the announcement was being made by the US President on Wednesday, the mother of the child was present alongside President Trump.

The current United States President Donald Trump is bidding for another term of being the President of the country, but due to the economical recession of the US amid the coronavirus pandemic, the polls of Trump has fallen as compared to other contestants. To secure his seat, Trump is working towards solving the issue of increasing violence and demonstrations in the country. According to him, these destructive protests are violently shocking the conscience of the entire nation.

In the past recent weeks, there has been an ongoing revolutionary movement that is trying to dismantle, dissolve, and defend the law enforcement departments of the country. Due to this, Trump has sent federal security forces to cities that are more prone to reform. The has been an increase in the number of shocking explosions of killing, shootings, murders, and other atrocious violent crimes.

Protests in multiple US cities

In the city of Portland, there have been daily demonstrations that have now turned violent since the death of George Floyd in May. In the past few days, public demonstrations were having clashes with federal officers that have been on duty to protect the city court.

The federal agents are being accused of driving across the city in unmarked vehicles while wearing military-issued clothing and arresting several protestors. In a recent incident in Chicago, fourteen individuals have been shot dead while standing outside a funeral home as they were suspected to be involved in gang-related illegal activities. To counter these issues and to secure another term of the Presidency, Trump has sent federal security forces to cities across the United States.

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