Trump Defends Tweets against Lockdowns

US Will Partially Reopen In Three Phases

Trump Tweets Show He Feels Pain of His People

United States President Donald Trump defends tweets against lockdowns, which have appeared to endorse protests against the strictness of COVID-19 lockdown measures implemented in several states of the US. President Trump gave a briefing on Friday, during which he highlighted that the COVID-19 lockdown measures initiated to limit the escalating infected toll on patients, Minnesota, Virginia, and Michigan are suffering more as compared to other states, as people are suffering due to the rapid economic recession of the country.

Protest against shutdown in the United States

The general public of the United States is under duress due to the strict shutdown of the country for the prevention of an increase in further coronavirus cases as the infected patient toll has already reached the total count of 715,105, which is increasing every day.

The first case of COVID-19 was reported on January 20; since then, the infected COVID-19 patient count has escalated rapidly. COVID-19 has been the root cause of 157,468 deaths of people across the world, out of which 37,889 were inhabited in the United States since the time period of five months.

The three states mentioned by the President in which Donald Trump defends tweets against lockdowns across the United States are being led by Democratic governors. This might be a way to encourage his political base to protest in opposition to the democrats.

The general population of the several states is calling out the authorities to ease the lockdown situation by having multiple demonstrations across different states as people face issues during their daily lives due to limited rations and no source on income. As President Trump defends tweets against lockdowns, he did not mention Utah and Ohio, which also has democratic governing leaders.

Protests are being seen in varied sizes in multiple states, ranging from a few dozen individuals in Virginia to thousands of general population in Michigan. United States President Donald Trump defends tweets against lockdowns by unveiling a three-step plan which would help the country in easing the lockdown situation by partially reopening the country in the near future. The plan given by Trump includes three phases of 14 days each, which would help slow rise different businesses and reopening of the country along with resuming social life.

As Trump defends tweets against lockdowns, he also recommended the general population of America to follow good personal hygiene along with following the required protocols of social distancing and frequent testing and contact tracing to help eliminate COVID-19 infection from the region.

Resurgence of COVID 19

Even though multiple countries in Europe and North America are reopening their countries due to a slight decrease in new COVID-19 cases, the is a huge chance that the virus might rebound and can cause more massive disruption and chaos as compared to the first wave of the virus.

Trump defends tweets against lockdowns as people are suffering financially and are reopening the country partially in the next month, which might become a bigger setback as compared to before. The world is not ready for the resurgence of the infection due to limited medical supplies and ventilators required for treatment.

The general public of the area is against the strict lockdown measures implemented across several states for which President Trump defends tweets against lockdowns as he wants the country to get back to normal scheduling as quickly as possible, as the country is under immense pressure economically.

No cure has been discovered for this deadly contagious infection even though scientists from multiple countries across the globe are working round the clock to discover a new drug that would entirely eliminate the virus. FDA already has approved drugs are also under clinical trials to check their potency against COVID-19 to be used for mass consumption. Drugs used to treat autoimmune diseases are also being tested, some helping to cure of COVID-19, leaving behind permanent side effects on the human body, including irreparable vision and brain damage.

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