Toyota Recalls Vehicles Over Faulty Fuel Pumps

Over 3.2 million cars are recalled globally.

Over 3.2 Million Vehicles Were Recalled By Toyota

Toyota has been one of the topmost vehicles selling brands in the United States and Canada. They have sold around a billion cars worldwide with most of their sales in the United States. Toyota’s forecast for vehicle sales of 8.95 million units remains unchanged this year. People tend to buy Toyota branded cars due to their innovative designs, much resilient structure, and the ability to test their new technology several times before installing it to their cars for mass usage. Recently, Toyota recalls vehicles over faulty fuel pumps worldwide.

Around 3.2 million cars are recalled globally for the change in the fuel pump. According to the company, the fuel pumps can fail and cause the stalling of the engine, which could possibly lead to unable to control and cause vehicle collision that could possibly hurt the passengers.

List of vehicles recalled for changing

Toyota Motors has recalled 1.8 million Toyota and Lexus car owners in the United States and around 160,000 vehicle owners in Canada for the fuel pump change. Toyota recalls vehicles over faulty fuel pumps, which include SUVs, trucks, cars, and minivans.

In January 2020, Toyota has called over 700, 000 cars in the United States, including 118,000 vehicles which should not have been included in the list. The cars which are most affected by the faulty pump are of the models from the year 2013 to 2019. The recalled vehicles include Toyota Camry, Sequoia, Tundra, Highlander and Tacoma, and 2019 Corolla sedan and Avalon as Toyota recalls vehicles over faulty fuel pumps.

The Lexus vehicles include models from 2018 and 2019, out of which some of them are GS 350, IS 300, LC 500h, LS 500, RC 350, and RX 350L. Some of the Toyota vehicles in addition to the rest are Toyota FJ Cruiser, Toyota 4Runner, Land Cruiser, and Toyota Sienna.  The company is expected to fully replace the faulty fuel pump with improved quality.

This initiative is expected to contact all the car owners of defective parts by May 2020. Toyota recalls vehicles over faulty fuel pumps together with a large number of productions of the spare parts required to fit in the new and the improved fuel pump.

Effects On Company as Toyota recalls vehicles over faulty fuel pumps

Toyota Motors have experienced a rather high increase in its shares by 11.8% as compared to the downfall of the industry of 1%. Over the last couple of years, Toyota Company has frequently called its car owners in large quantities for multiple safety concerns. This not only affects the company’s reputation, but also helps in reducing the amount of the resale value of its vehicles.

In the last several years, Toyota motors have paid a large amount of fines due to the safety defects in some of its cars and also to settle some major lawsuits filed against them. Toyota recalls vehicles over faulty fuel pumps to reduce the risk of accidents that might be caused by this.

It is being advised for the consumers that if the pump fails, the driver may notice that the engine light of the vehicle will start blinking, and warning lights will be turned on the dashboard. The engine may not start after it stalls. The drivers are also advised to not travel in the high-speed lane as unexpected faults in the pump arise and can cause accidents unexpectedly.

Toyota recalls vehicles over faulty fuel pumps as currently; there is no remedy except the change of parts. According to Toyota Motors, which is also the parent company of Lexus, the official date for the launch of spare parts is yet to be confirmed. The company is neither confirming nor denying the number of crashes or injuries caused by the faulty fuel pump.

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