Tokyo Olympics 2020 Began as Naomi Osaka Lighted Olympics Flame in A Ceremony

City Locals Began to Protest Against the Games for Not Being Allowed Inside as The Audience

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The Japanese professional tennis player Naomi Osaka had the honor to light this year’s flame for the Tokyo Olympics 2020, which signifies the beacon of hope that the Olympics games attempt to be. These recent events have marked the official initiation of the Tokyo Olympics, which is currently being held an entire year later than originally scheduled, but due to the onset of the global coronavirus pandemic in the previous year, the international event was postponed.

Not no one’s surprise, as it was already expected that the opening ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics, which was conducted on Friday, was not similar to the usual ilk as the previous ones. There was no carnival like scenario like in Rio or skydiving monarchy similar to that in London, but the entire evening was more of in a somber tone, which gives a sobering reminder to the world that the Olympics Games are still taking place amid the global population that is facing some of the toughest challenges.

The International Olympics Committee President Thomas Bach stated that today provides a moment of hope. However, the current situation is very different from what has previously been imagined by all of us. But we should still cherish this as we are all able to be at this moment together with each other.

This year’s Tokyo Olympics would be slightly different from the previous events, as the entire Games would be dampened by face masks, positive COVID-19 test results, along with the deafening silence due to the absence of any fans. But this would still be the Tokyo Olympics and remain one of the greatest events on Earth, still stronger, higher, faster, and us being together.

Empty stands

The opening ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics had faced intense criticism before it even began on Friday, as the director of the Games was fired on the eve of the initiation of the Tokyo Olympics for making a historic joke regarding the Holocaust, a few days after its composer had resigned after it had publicly emerged that he had been a bully towards his classmates that were disabled while he was in school.

The ceremony was conducted modestly and gave a reminder of the rest of the world, which it had gone through over the past year, and offered hope for the time which is yet to come in the future.

But due to the lack of any live audience in the Tokyo Olympics, which was such a stark difference as people were sitting by following preventive protocols, including social distancing, and wearing face masks, although some went without any. The masked athletes waved towards completely empty crowd stands, and no sound could be heard that would accompany them while they were marching into the stadium.

A 22-strong Tam GB delegation was also among the players and was led forward by the flag bearers Hannah Mills and Moe Sbihi of sailing and rowing, respectively.

The sound of applause could be lightly heard from the few individuals that were present inside. On the media, journalists and other associated people along with around 900 dignitaries were able to watch live from the stands that have the capacity to accommodate 68,000 viewers and included the United States First Lady Dr. Jill Biden along with the President of France Emmanuel Macron.

Local protestors

The build-up which has been surrounding the Tokyo Olympics has been very long, and it is not that is being welcomed by all with open arms. Outside of the premises of the stadium, the locals began to gather hours before the starting of the opening ceremony and were excited and filled with pride while being desperate to join inside.

But as the time passed from day into night, the mood turned sour, and protestors began to chant ‘stop the Olympics, ’ which was easily audible by the few people that were seated inside the stadium.

To the inside, where the people were subdued but still intimate, which gave the nod towards the resilience of the world along with its togetherness in an attempt to combat the increasing threat globally.

During the Tokyo Olympics opening ceremony, they also paid their tribute towards the universality of sports, along with its power to be able to unite people having different cultural backgrounds and is able to provide a sense of positivity and hope, even amid some of the most troublesome times.

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