Three People Killed In Bangalore As Police Fired On Crowds Protesting Against Prophet Muhammad Post

Police Used Live Ammunition And Tear Gas To Control The Aggressive Crowd

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Three individuals have died after police fired on crowds while they were protesting against a Facebook post regarding alleged blasphemy of Prophet Mohammad. The event occurred on Tuesday night in the city of Bangalore, India. Huge crowds have gathered outside the residence of a local politician, whose relative has been accused of creating offensive content about Prophet Mohammad on a social media platform. The protestors also burned down the car of DCP of the city, after which the policemen stationed near the incident site used tear gas to control the growing violence in the crowd.

Public Muslim protest in Bangalore

The protestors during the demonstration had set fires on multiple motor vehicles and violently attacked policemen by throwing stones, which were the first once to arrive on the scene due to which police fired on crowds to prevent further injury and control the masses. During the protest, the police department has arrested the man along with one hundred and ten other individuals who were present at the scene.

Kamal Pant, the city commissioner, has stated that around sixty policemen who were dispatched to control the violent crowd, including several senior officers, have been injured on Tuesday night during which police fired on crowds to dominate over the protesters. Due to these violent acts, a temporary curfew has been put into place in two adjoining districts in the city of Bangalore.

Meanwhile, according to the police department of the city, the situation across the city has been put under control, which has been caused by the protestors, due to the alleged blasphemy of Prophet Muhammad on a social media post due to which police fired on crowds to control the aggressive people. Multiple deaths have also occurred during the brutal acts on Tuesday night, which have been confirmed by the home minister of Karnataka state.

The peaceful public demonstration immediately turned violent after the people gathered outside the house of the politician, and multiple personnel from the police station arrived on the scene after spotting the post on Facebook, which has been made by a relative of the local politician. Since the incident, the post has been deleted from the social media platform.

To prevent further aggression regarding this issue, an Indian lawmaker Akhanda Srinivas Murthy has made a video content in which he directly appeals to the Muslim objectors to stay peaceful and calm while promising them justice regarding the blasphemy of Prophet Mohammad, saying that he will ensure proper punishment will be given to the individual who was responsible for this terrible act.

Injured and deaths during the demonstration

It has been confirmed that two out of three individuals who have died in the public protests against the alleged blasphemy of Prophet Mohammad were due to extensive injuries by live ammunition used to shot at the opposers present at the site. Police fired on crowds along with spreading tear gas to disperse the crowd gathering in the area, which led towards critical injury of three people along with one news reporter present to provide coverage of the demonstration.

During the protest, around 60 police officers suffered from wounds and injuries by the hands of the violent and angry protestors, who set multiple public vehicles on fire and completely burned down the residence of a lawmaker in Bangalore whose nephew is said to be allegedly involved and responsible for the blasphemy post of Facebook. Due to this, the police commissioner of the area has arrested the nephew along with several other individuals who have been said to be involved in creating a riot, arson, and stone-pelting in the city. To restore complete order to the city, more than 10,000 Indian police officers were deployed across the city.

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