Threat of Israeli Strike Causes Iran Nuclear Program

Military of Israel Has Stepped Up Their Exercises of Military Forces with the Regional Allied Countries

For the very first time in history, the naval forces of Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, and Israel have undergone a reversal for the joint security operation, which occurred just a few days ago with a warship belonging to the United States in the region of the Red Sea, which is being though to be a warning for the strengthening Iran nuclear program.

Threat to Israel

This military exercise has followed a war-game which occurred in an airbase located in the desert present in the northern region of the port city of Israel Eilat in the previous month, which has sent fighter jets from Israel along with seven other allied countries into the skies. Such military-based drills have the main aim to send a warning to the country of Iran, which has also recently started to hold their own large-scale military exercises, along with some stress strategic alliances with other countries to solidify the Iran nuclear program.

But these have come during the time when a major part of the general population of Israel is worried regarding whether their country would soon start to feel forced to begin a massive attack on their own over the Iran nuclear program by using their nation’s extensive military forces.

The government of the country has recently allocated a huge sum of 41.5 billion for the preparation of the armed forces of Israel for a possible strike against the sites of the Iran nuclear program, and there have been warnings given daily from the military and political leaders of the country.

According to a security official of Israel, the country does not have any interest in going to war with its neighboring country Iran to be able to acquire their nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Considering the progress made by the Iran nuclear program, Israel is trying to prepare for all possible scenarios and options that might occur, including strengthening the capabilities of the military forces.

The saber-rattling has come at the time when there are talks held between Iran and five other powerful countries of the world, and an indirect link of the United States, on the revival of the nuclear deal signed in the year 2015, which is known to the world as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). It is expected that these are to resume in the capital city of Austria Vienna on November 29 this year.

A limitation has been placed by the JCPOA on the Iran nuclear program and has opened the facilities for some enhanced inspections that have been conducted, and in return has achieved to lift some international sanctions placed on them. However, it was later completely abandoned by the President of the United States, Donald Trump, in the year 2018, with the approval of Israel.

Nuclear weapon by Iran

As soon as the dates regarding the new round of meetings had been fixed, it has been publicly declared by Iran that they have been able to produce a massive 25kg of pure uranium that has been enriched with 60% of purity, which is just slightly below the amount that is required to make a nuclear bomb, along with 210kg of uranium with 20% purity recently with the help of the Iran nuclear program.

Meanwhile, the nation of Tehran has continued to insist that the intentions regarding the formation of the Iran nuclear program are peaceful; even the experts of Iran have been able to point out that such kind of qualities of uranium that has been highly enriched was previously only available to those countries that are nuclear-armed.

 The security official of Israel said that Iran today has now become much closer to creating the required fissile material for the weapons of nuclear nature than they had ever been able to accomplish in the past, which has occurred due to the advancements made by the Iran nuclear program that has flourished in the past recent few years. This fact has major security implications for the country of Israel.

The defense establishments of Israel have estimated that if Iran decides to do so, it would be able to accumulate enough amount of uranium that is enriched to form a nuclear weapon with a single month.

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