These are the most popular neighborhoods in New York City—and the average rent among them is $3,377


A new report from StreetEasy is highlighting the most coveted neighborhoods in New York City.

The real estate marketplace used search data to determine which places in three boroughs — Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens — are the most popular so far this year.

Notably, the Bronx and Staten Island were excluded from the report.

Both are part of the city’s five boroughs, and home to almost two million New Yorkers combined, according to 2021 U.S. Census data.

A representative for StreetEasy told CNBC Make It via email that the analysis focused on Queens, Manhattan, and Brooklyn to “align with the company’s monthly market reports, which focus on those three boroughs where we have the most comprehensive coverage and data.”

But StreetEasy exclusively revealed to CNBC Make It the five neighborhoods in the Bronx that were among the most searched and we’ve included that data in this list.

The median asking rent and median asking selling price in each neighborhoods is based on data from the summer of 2022.

The average cost of rent in the most popular neighborhoods across Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Queens is $3,377.

No. 1 neighborhood in Manhattan: West Village

The most searched neighborhoods in Manhattan

  1. West Village
  2. Greenwich Village
  3. Chelsea
  4. Soho
  5. Gramercy Park

According to StreetEasy’s 2022 report, Greenwich Village was once again among the most popular neighborhoods in Manhattan.

The median asking rent is $4,500, and the median asking selling price was $1,595,000.

Chelsea rounded out the top three. The median asking rent and median asking price in that neighborhood was the highest at $4,995 and $1,950,000, respectively.

No. 1 neighborhood in the Bronx: Riverdale

The most searched neighborhoods in the Bronx

  1. Riverdale
  2. Marble Hill
  3. Williamsbridge
  4. Mott Haven
  5. Kingsbridge

The two neighborhoods that rounded out the top three were Marble Hill and Williamsbridge.

Marble Hill’s median asking rent was $2,222, and its median asking price was $925,000, while in Williamsbridge it was $2,200 and $609,000, respectively.

It’s important to note that although Marble Hill is actually the northernmost neighborhood in Manhattan, it is part of the Bronx’s Community District 8 and has the Bronx zip code of 10463, which is why it was included in this borough’s ranking.

No. 1 neighborhood in Brooklyn: Williamsburg

Williamsburg took the top spot with a median asking rent of $4,400 and a median asking price of $1,480,000.

The neighborhood is known for its waterfront high-rises and is one of the most popular areas outside of ones in Manhattan.

The most searched neighborhoods in Brooklyn

  1. Williamsburg
  2. Park Slope
  3. Brooklyn Heights
  4. Greenpoint
  5. Fort Greene

Brooklyn is home to about 2,736,074 people, according to the 2020 U.S. Census.

The NYC borough is known for its “brownstone belt,” which is where the neighborhoods of Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, and Fort Greene are located, according to NBC.

Three of them landed on the list of the most searched neighborhoods in NYC: Park Slope, Brooklyn Heights, and Fort Greene. Greenpoint, which isn’t in the brownstone belt, took the fourth spot on the list.

No. 1 neighborhood in Queens: Long Island City

The most searched neighborhoods in Queens


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