The Theme of International Women’s Day 2020: A Struggle for Utopia

Evolvement of Gender Equality or flawed Theme.

International Women's Day 2020; A Utopia for Women.

The theme of international women’s day 2020 is in a massive surge in both developed and third world countries. Thanks to the me-too movement and many other women’s right campaigns for setting the grounds for human right activist and feminists to raise their voices. The theme of the international women’s day 2020 is different this time, and of course, feminists aim to streamline their message with modern tones.

International women’s day will be celebrated on March 8, 2020.  The new campaign, which has been designed for this year women’s day is “Each for Equal.” Gender parity in the whole world is still a significant issue, and activists may struggle again to come up with a robust solution. Every year, the day starts with a bang, and eventually, ends with hopes and debates. Unfortunately, gender parity may not be achieved for another century.

The Theme of International Women’s Day 2020

The Theme of International Women’s Day 2020 indicates the concept of the enabled word for each individual in this globe, especially women. The idea or theme unveils that all individuals are responsible for their actions and thoughts every day. Lamentably, this year’s theme is flawed, as it is quite confusing. It appears compelling to create awareness concerning the human rights and streamline challenges that woman faces every day.  Women’s empowerment should be encouraged. Promptly, how does it look like when the theme of International Women’s Day 2020 paints multiple meanings?  Have they included men and transgender in their campaign this year? “Each for equal” seems compelling. But, who are individuals here?

The Theme of International Women’s Day 2020 should be celebrated gracefully, notably when it comes to developing and conservative countries. Instead of teasing men all day to create awareness, the most important thing is to understand or redefine feminism. The purpose of women’s day has been ruined in countries, as controversies are increasing. Of course, women don’t have all day to create urgency about their rights and maltreatment.

The campaign could have been shaped to engage stakeholders such as human rights corporations and many other nonprofit entities.  For Instance, there is a need to work with nonprofit organizations, which are working for women’s rights. Unluckily, this year, women’s day has been individualized. It seems impactful for a while, but long term benefits are in big jeopardy.

The theme of international women’s day 2020 indicates the intention. For Instance, a woman can do anything according to her wish and desire. Are we moving to a society where women are going to dominate? It sounds great, and we should appreciate it. What if women start violating social or traditional norms? These norms and traditions always played a constructive role in building societies.

The new generation must have to understand with the other perspectives as well. If every individual is responsible for his thoughts or actions, then why don’t we say that women are responsible for being becoming victims in society? When it comes to equality, it covers everyone, including men. Consequently, this year’s theme must be redefined, or it should be interpreted well to make it acceptable.

It looks cool to celebrate, support, and collaborate with women in society, and it is the only way to portray a strong bonding. The theme of international women’s day 2020 should tell how women can interact with men in society. Starting early mentoring and creating awareness are two options, which should be included in the coming women’s day. Instead of imposing the biased or flawed theme, women’s day should reveal how a woman can play a constructive role in building society.

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