The Shocking Facts Hidden In A Pregnancy Test

Digital Pregnancy Test Also Contains The Same Technology As A Low-Cost Test Kit

Digital Pregnancy Test Also Contains The Same Technology As A Low-Cost Test Kit

By having a complete break-up of a digital pregnancy test, it has been revealed that this digitalized pregnancy test uses the standardized technology of paper testing, which is commonly used by General Practitioners across the world. This experiment has been conducted, after which multiple questions were raised regarding the extra costing for a digital pregnancy test, which basically works exactly the same as a paper testing pregnancy test and costs much less.

Disassembling of digitalized pregnancy test

There is a certain set of the population that believes that usage of electronically powered pregnancy tests provides a clear view of the test results, while several points were made regarding increasing e-wastage created by these digitalized testing kits. During the experiment, it was also discovered that the digital pregnancy test kit contains a microchip, which has much more strength than the early household computers, while no digitalized piece of technology plays a role in the detection of specific hormones which displays the finalized results to check indications of pregnancy.

Hardware researcher Foone recently decided to completely disassemble a digitalized test to check pregnancy, which was done after a man tweeted, curious to find whether the digitized pregnancy test that his spouse had bought was accurate and worth the extra costing. The electronically powered pregnancy tests that show the words ‘pregnant’ and ‘not pregnant’ at the LCD display, which is available in the market, often cost four times more than an easily accessible strip pregnancy test which only displays the positive or negative results by showing single or double lines.

For experimenting on a digital pregnancy test, Foone used the pregnancy test from Walmart Equate, which is similar in internalized workings of other brands, i.e., Procter and Gamble’s Clear Blue pregnancy test and Boot’s digital pregnancy test. After the complete break-up of the parts of the pregnancy test working electronically, Foone was astonished to find that the results of the tests are conducted by only a piece of paper, and the electronically powered part of the digital pregnancy only shows the positive and negative test results. The micro-processing chip inside the test kit is surprisingly powerful and complicated, which is similarly used in an IBM personal computer’s CPU.

Scamming people in the form of electronically powered test kits

It was then concluded by Foone that the digitalized pregnancy tests are available for far more price than normal test kits available as both products contain the same strip test paper, which only costs about 20 cents. After this result, he posted a tweet on Twitter, which stated that electronically working pregnancy test kits are a scam, and an advertising tactic that lets people believe that digital pregnancy tests are more accurate than the easily available test kit even though both works exactly in the same fashion.

On the other hand, the paper strip test to check pregnancy could possibly be misread due to the varying time duration for every different test type. According to YouTuber Naomi Wu, using hardware technology in helping women is not wasteful or stupid, as the interpretation of lines on a small piece of paper could be very hard for some people across the world, by using digitized pregnancy test would prove to be quite helpful. People with blurred vision might see a faint line, while some individuals would be unable to see a small straight line even with a closer look at the display area of the stick.

According to a female user, the information we can get from this stick could become a life-changing situation, for which nobody wants to guess the end result, nor any individual would want to re-read the instruction manual multiple times to understand the procedure. Many people are happy to spend an extra few dollars to clearly see the outcome of the pregnancy test without much hassle.

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