Tests That Might Reopen the Countries

Poor Quality of These Tests Might Provide a False Sense of Immunity

Poor Quality of These Tests Might Provide a False Sense of Immunity

COVID 19, also known as SARS-CoV-2 is a deadly airborne contagious disease that has affected more than 2,418,845 individuals across the world. This infection directly affects and compromises the autoimmune system of the human body, which results in bodies being affected mostly by mild symptoms associated with the viral infection. No antidote has been discovered yet, but a multiple series of tests that might reopen the countries are being conducted to increase the level of immunity inside the body to help combat against COVID-19 virus.

COVID-19 antibody testing

In the recent past few weeks, the United States have been conducting multiple tests on the blood of already recovered COVID-19 patients, which would help in the formation of an antibody system to prevent those individuals who do not have acquired the infection up till now. The human body has an auto-response system that helps generate antibodies against the COVID-19 virus after the virus has attacked the human body. By taking the blood and injecting it into someone else’s body would help generate the required antibodies to fight COVID-19 infection without first being directly infected with it.

The United States, as well as several other countries, are using recovered COVID-19 patients for conducting blood tests that might reopen the countries as the world is undergoing an economic recession, which is disastrous for all individuals in all aspects of life on Earth. As blood tests have been conducted on thousands of people across the United States before to test out if they are immune to this viral infection or not, multiple complications have also arisen amid these new tests that might reopen the countries after several weeks of strict lockdown implemented across the country.

The Officials are concerned regarding this new batch of tests that might reopen the countries amid the COVID-19 outbreak, as the previous testing failed to determine how many individuals are infected and which disease this virus can cause. After being criticized for being tragically slow during the product development and testing of these tests, the required adequate quality testing has not been done.

The Food and Drug Administration has allowed around 90 Chinese companies in the mass manufacturing of these antibody tests that might reopen the countries, which are not yet vetted by the government, but the urgency during the pandemic overrules that. Out of these producers, multiple companies are selling fake and dubious quality products which do not provide accurate results required from the testing kits.

For the use of these tests that might reopen the countries, no proper guideline has been provided due to which certain health caregivers are administering these tests, unaware that they are illegal to do so. Multiple health care professionals are misusing these products for the diagnosis of the disease.

There are multiple doubts from the general population as scientists, researchers and multiple government agencies and companies are working round the clock to provide the best testing material that would give accurate readings, to eliminate the possibility of the false hope of immunity, which has become a common issue in the new batch of tests that might reopen the countries, but lack in precise results due to mass manufacturing without quality control and FDA approval.

Even if these tests that might reopen the countries do get improved quality, that will lead to a manufacturing shortage of the product. Like the United States, along with several other countries are lifting the countrywide lockdown in the upcoming weeks, a widespread screen for COVID-19 is critical to prevent a second wave of the infection.

COVID-19 deaths across the world

COVID-19 has been the root cause of a rapid increase in the number of deaths across the world in a short duration. Globally, more than 165,759 individuals have died, with an average number of 1000+ on a daily basis. The largest number of deaths until now has been recorded in the United States as the number of dead individuals has crossed 40,565 since February.

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