Testing Of Coronavirus Vaccine on Humans Started In USA

Safe public consumption of the antidote might take more than 12 months.

Humanity may have to wait for a long time to get an effective vaccine

Testing of coronavirus vaccine on humans started in USA, which is a major step regarding the ending of the pandemic. It was the collaboration between the National Institutes of Health and drug makers Moderna. The testing of coronavirus vaccine on humans started in USA on volunteers between the age limit of 18 to 55. This vaccine is being developed by using the genetic makeup of the novel coronavirus and is expected to kill the virus from the host body within a couple of days.

Other pharmaceutical companies and health authorities have also been working towards making a vaccine and will soon be starting their trial phase, which will help cure the pandemic, which has caused widespread panic across the world.

First Human trial

The first human trial testing was conducted on this Monday, 16 March 2020. This trial testing is being held in Kaiser Permanente Washington research institute in Seattle, the US, as mass gatherings are prohibited from stopping the risk of further spread of COVID 19 due to the huge spike in carnivorous cases over the weekend. The first trial of testing of coronavirus vaccine on humans started in USA, which was done on a woman aged 43 years old who is also the mother of two sons living in Seattle.

The phase one of the trials will test the vaccine on 45 males and non-pregnant women between the age limit of 18 to 55 as a testing of coronavirus vaccine on human started in the USA. This trial contains two dosages of the vaccine in the period of 28 days. This trial is being led by the senior investigator of Kaiser Permanente Washington Research Institute.

Up till now, there has been no proven vaccine of the latest outbreak of coronavirus. COVID 19 has killed more than 7,000 people and has infected nearly 170,000 individuals in 114 countries, but the numbers still continue to rise since the start of the pandemic three months ago. Doctors, along with multiple scientists and researchers from around the world, have started to work together to help find the vaccine of coronavirus as quickly as possible, but the process of developing an antidote against COVID 19 or any other virus is a very time consuming and complex process.

After all the research happening around the globe for the last couple of months to contain COVID 19, finally, testing of coronavirus vaccine on humans started in USA, but even though the vaccine has come to that stage, it will not be able for public consumption for another 12 to 18 months.

How the vaccine is being formed?

The vaccine is being formed by using the genetic material of coronavirus, specifically the Ribonucleic Acid and messenger Ribo Nucleic Acid. These are basically genetic codes that tell the cells on how to make protein for its usage and are found in the outer coating of COVID 19.

According to the researchers, as testing of coronavirus vaccine on humans started in USA, the antidote might not help in a pandemic in the upcoming a couple of months, but will definitely provide an immune response for those who have not yet acquired the virus, and the vaccine will increase the immune response of the body which will help fight the virus if comes in contact.

As the testing of coronavirus vaccine on humans started in USA, four individuals have yet received the antidote in the form of intramuscular injections, and the patients are being strictly monitored. The cure is technically made from by coping of some parts of the genetic code of COVID 19, but the procedure of the vaccine is of very high standards by using pre-existing technology, which will not provide any harm to the human.

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