High National Terror Alert in France After Nice Church Attack

3 Elderly Victims Suffered From Critical Injuries Inflicted By Deep Stabbing Wounds

3 Elderly Victims Suffered From Critical Injuries Inflicted By Deep Stabbing Wounds

Three individuals are reported to have died during a knife attack that occurred inside a church in the French city of Nice. The Mayor of the city, Christian Estrosi stated that an act of pure terrorism happened in the heart of Notre0Dame basilica during the day. Out of three victims of the incident, one of the elderly individuals was almost beheaded during the Nice church attack that came to pray.

One suspect for the attack was immediately shot down and later was detained by the local police department. According to the statement of Mayor Estrosi, he gave his opinions regarding Islamo-fascism, also saying that just before the start of the attack, the suspect was repeatedly saying ‘Allahu Akbar,’ which when translated means Allah (God) is the greatest.

Terror attacks in France

The French President Emmanuel Macron later has arrived in Nice, located in the southern region of France, and is now being conducted meetings with the local police department regarding the nice church attack scenes and investigation. Prosecutors for anti-terrorism have opened the case regarding the nice church attack as a murder inquiry.

Soon after the nice church attack, during which three people lost their lives, the national security of France has been put on the highest level of alert to prevent any other unfortunate incident across the country.

The Mayor of the Nice city Mr. Estrosi has also compared the recent beheading of the school teacher Samuel Paty for blasphemy against Prophet Mohammad (SAW) just outside of Paris in the past few weeks with the nice church attack.

The police department is yet to issue the official motive of the attack behind the nice church attack. Although, this recent event follows after multiple Muslim nations have boycotted all French products being sold across their countries in protest to the harsh comments used by the French President Macron for his defensive stance regarding the publication of cartoonish mimicking of Prophet Mohammad (SAW). Public protests have also been held in several Muslim majority countries in opposition to President Macron.

Along with the nice church attack to cause terrorism across the region, two other attacks have also occurred on Thursday morning, one in Saudi Arabia and one in France. A guard placed outside the French embassy located in Jeddah was attacked in Saudi Arabia, for which the suspect has been arrested, and the guard was provided with immediate medical attention.

An individual was shot dead in the city of Montfavet located near Avignon after he threatened the police with a loaded firearm.

Attack on the church in Nice

Out of three victims of the nice church attack, one individual was virtually beheaded, while the other two elderly victims suffered from deep lacerations on their throat, causing them to die within minutes due to blood loss.

A single woman also presents inside the church during the attack managed to flee from the crime scene towards a café located nearby after she was stabbed with a sharp dagger several times, but due to extensive damage to her vitals, she was unable to stay alive.

Later in the day, it was known that a witness for the nice church attack was able to raise the alarm regarding the nice church attack by using a specialized protection system installed by the city.

A witness for the terror-causing nice church attack stated that multiple people were continually shouting across the street in front of the church, soon after which several gunshots were heard as soon as the local police force arrived on the scene.

Four years ago, in the city of Nice, a terror attack killed 86 people on July 14 when a Tunisian male drove his truck through the immensely packed crowd who were celebrating Bastille Day in the streets.

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