Taliban Will Always Raise Voice for Kashmiri Muslims

Actions Are to Be Taken Regarding the Indian Government’s Brutality and Violence Over Kashmir Residents

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The Taliban forces have intended to raise their voice for the Kashmiri Muslims that are currently residing in the Indian-administered region of Kashmir in South East Asia, started by one of the spokespersons working for the Taliban.

It has been said by Suhail Shaheen said that being Muslims, we have a right to raise the voices for the Kashmiri Muslims, Indians along with any other nation worldwide. Pakistan and India are in control over different parts of the territory that has the majority of Muslim residents, but both governments claim that it is wholly their own.

India’s brutality over Kashmir

For the past 30 years, there has been ongoing violence on the Kashmiri Muslim, which is run by India, due to the separatist insurgency by the military forces deployed there.

The Taliban have been able to declare victory all over Afghanistan before the complete withdrawal of the troops deployed by the government of the United States along with some of the other countries in the region in the month of August.

The Islamist group is currently in full control over Afghanistan after the President of the country fled from the region and is soon about to give an announcement of the formation of a new government body.

This is the first time when the Taliban have given their comments regarding the Kashmiri Muslims currently living in tyranny caused by the Indian military forces.

During an interview which had recently been given by the leader of Taliban forces in Afghanistan, Anas Haqqani said that the region of Kashmir is not under their jurisdiction, and making any sort of interference in that matter would be in violation of their policy.

In another interview with a news channel based in Pakistan, the spokesperson for the Taliban, Zabiullah Mujahid, has urged both the leaders of Pakistan and India to have a meeting together to resolve the issue of Kashmiri Muslims and the brutality they had suffered at the hands of Indian armed forces.

It had been stated by Mr. Shaheen that the Taliban does not have any policy of conducting an armed operation against any nation across the world. These remarks had come at a time when multiple concerns had been raised by India regarding the Sikh and Hindu minorities in Afghanistan that are currently under the ruling of the Taliban. , and concerns are being raised over what is being said by the critics as hate crimes against the Kashmiri Muslims since the beginning of the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the year 2014.

Two years after the Indian government revoked all of the Article 370 in their constitution, the stripping of the autonomy of Jammu and Kashmir had been guaranteed, although the valley, along with the Kashmiri Muslims currently residing there are still suffering from a tense state.

As the Taliban forces are in control over the country of Afghanistan, it has been feared by India that some of the sections within the Islamist group might now set their eyes on the region of Jammu and Kashmir, which is under the administration of the Indian government, aged on by the elements of anti-India within Pakistan.

In a viral video where the leader of a ruling part of Pakistan, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Neelam Irshad Sheikh, stated that the Taliban have said that they are with Pakistan and are to help them in the liberation of Kashmir along with the distressed Kashmiri Muslims. While nations like China, Russia, and the United States are in open talks with the Taliban forces, India has started to take some guarded steps.

Haqqani group and Taliban

The Haqqani group has been able to engineer and had carried out multiple attacks in the past years against the assets owned by India, including the Indian embassy, which is located in the Afghan capital Kabul, according to the Afghanistan strategy by India in the Carnegie India report following the withdrawal of the United States military forces from the country.

It has been claimed by Mr. Shaheen that the allegations which had been made against the Haqqanis are just baseless claims. He stated that the Haqqanis are not just a group; they are actually are a major part of the Islamic Emirates of Afghanistan.

A spokesperson of the State Department of the United States had claimed that the Haqqani network and the Taliban forces are completely separate entities.

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