Taliban Attacked and Conquered 3 Key Cities in Afghanistan

Tens of Thousands of Residents of Kandahar City Had Been Displaced Due to Ongoing Fights Between Afghan Forces and The Taliban

Fighting has been raging around 3 key cities in Afghanistan that are located in the western and southern region of the country as the Taliban militants are seeking to seize the entire cities from the forces under the nation’s government. The Taliban attacked various parts of Afghanistan in the course of the past few weeks, affecting Kandahar, Lashkar Gah, and Herat.

Conquering of Afghanistan

The Taliban in Afghanistan have been able to rapidly gain more in the rural areas of the country after it was announced that almost all of the military forces that were placed by the foreign countries are to be removed from the area by September. The fate of the 3 key cities in Afghanistan could be a crucial moment amid the rising fears for a humanitarian crisis and the time duration the government forces would be able to hold before the Taliban conquers.

It is already believed that the fundamentalist Islamist militia Taliban conquered almost half of the territory under the rule of Afghanistan, including a key border crossing with Pakistan and Iran.

One MP present in the city of Kandahar has said that the entire city is currently at serious risk of being conquered by the Taliban forces, due to which tens of thousands of residents have already been displaced timely, while a humanitarian crisis is looming.

According to the statement given by Gul Ahmad Kamin, the situation in Kandahar is getting worse as hours pass by, and the fighting happening throughout the city is of the most severe intensity in the past 2 decades.

He added that out of the 3 major cities in Afghanistan, Kandahar acts as a focal point and the Taliban forces in looking forward to making the city their capital for a temporary time duration. In case the city of Kandahar fell towards the Taliban, then around five to six other provinces of the country would also likely fall in favor of the Taliban, including the 3 key cities in Afghanistan.

The fighters for the Taliban had been placed on several sides around the city, and due to the large civilian population residing there, the government forces would be unable to utilize heavy military-grade weaponry if the militia were to completely enter into Kandahar.

Taliban forces deliberate attacks

One of the 3 key cities in Afghanistan and the most economically important city for the country, Herat, it has been reported that the clash between both forces has gradually intensified, and the fighters for Taliban have been able to enter the southern part of Herat.

Currently, fights are occurring in at least five different parts throughout the city of Herat to gain access into all 3 key cities of Afghanistan, and it is not long before the Taliban is to conquer it.

The United States is still carrying out various airstrikes in support of the Afghan government forces, who were able to recapture a district area located near an airport.

A security guard had been killed who was present outside the United Nations compound, which is located near an airport on Friday, and the incident has been described by the United Nations is to be a deliberate attack by the Taliban forces.

According to the residents of the city of Herat, which is one of the 3 key cities in Afghanistan that Taliban forces are trying to capture, and are currently residing in some of the safe located across the city, some of the people present are also taking up arms in defense for themselves.

A former commander who had fought in the Soviet War that occurred in the 1980s, Ismail Khan, has recently launched a movement with arms in defense of the city.

In the city of Lashkar Gah, one of the 3 key cities in Afghanistan that the Taliban forces are trying to capture for their own gain, and is also the capital city for the province of Helmand located in the southern region of the country, the insurgents have been reported to be present within 2 kilometers distance from the center of the city. However, the forces deployed by the Afghan government had been able to succeed in holding back their advancement overnight.

The commander for the Afghan government forces stated that the Taliban forces had recently suffered from an intense number of causalities due to the attacks. The militia who had advanced near the governor’s office on the morning of Friday and were later forced back.

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