Taliban Attacked and Captured Regional Capital Zaranj: Afghan Officials

Director of Media and Information Center Assassinated Some Days After Taliban Attacks Afghan Defense Minister’s Residence

The southwestern city of Afghanistan has become the first provincial capital city of the country to fall for the Taliban forces in the past recent few years, according to the report of Afghan officials. Two sources have been able to confirm that the insurgent forces of the Taliban had been able to attack and later capture the city of Zaranj, located in the Afghan province of Nimroz, in the afternoon on Friday. Although the news has not been confirmed officially yet, the Taliban attacks continue to occur across the country.

Ongoing frequent militia attacks

As the foreign country’s troops along with the Afghan government forces are withdrawing due to the ongoing Taliban attacks, the militants are gradually making advances on the captured land of Afghanistan. The Taliban forces have been able to capture a very large area of the countryside and are now making rapid advancements towards some of the key cities of the country.

Other provincial capital cities of Afghanistan have now come under pressure from the Taliban attacks, including the western city of Herat and the city of Lashkar Gah, located in the southern region of the country.

The city of Zaranj provides a major trading hub for Afghanistan as it is present near its border with the neighboring country Iran. After being able to capture the present surrounding districts, the Taliban attacks have become sustained in an attempt to capture it.

According to a source of the Afghan government, the fighting between the militia and Afghan forces is still ongoing around the office of the National Directorate of Security. A spokesperson for the police in Nimroz has told that the Taliban attacks had led them to be able to take entire control over the city of Zaranj due to the lack of required reinforcement from the Afghan government.

Assassination on Media Director

On Friday, the director of the media and information center of Afghanistan had been assassinated by the Taliban in the capital city of Kabul. According to the statement given by the Taliban after the attack, they said that the director Dawa Khan Menapal had been rightly punished for his actions.

According to the report of the attempted assassination of the director, Dawa Khan Menapal had been targeted by a gunman while he was in Kabul on Darul Aman Road.

The news arrived at the same time when the local authorities confirmed that Zaranj, the southern city of Afghanistan, had been the first provincial capital city to fall into the hands of the Taliban forces.

The news regarding the murder of Menapal has come some days after the insurgent forces had assaulted the home of the defense minister of Afghanistan in Kabul.

On Wednesday, after the Taliban attack, the militia conducted their first major bombing in the city after about a whole year, and they have given prior warning to the government regarding multiple future Taliban attacks on figures of the Afghan government.

The spokesperson for the interior ministry Mirwais Stanikzai said that it is unfortunate that the terrorists have yet again committed another cowardly act and have martyred one of the patriotic individuals of Afghanistan.

International observations

The United States Charge d’Affaires to the country of Afghanistan Ross Wilson recently posted a tweet in which he shared his thoughts, stating that after hearing the news, he has become disgusted and saddened by the recent kills and Taliban attacks, as these murders are in direct violation to the human rights of Afghan citizens along with their freedom of speech, as they had to endure these hardships without cause.

The United Nations Security Council has recently called an open summit on Friday regarding the current situation of Afghanistan amid the increasingly worsening violent condition of the country caused by frequent Taliban attacks.

The militant forces have been able to capture a large quantity of land in the countryside and have now targeted their forces towards some of the major key cities of the country, including Kandahar in the southern region of Afghanistan, the capital city of Helmand province Lashkar Gah and the economic hub of the country Herat.

On Thursday at night, the United States conducted an airstrike alongside Afghan military forces on the alleged positions of Taliban in the city of Lashkar Gah. The government has urged the civilians to flee the city as they have vowed to regain back this strategically important city.

The ongoing Taliban attacks across Afghanistan have come after the United States and other international military forces have announced to withdraw all of their operations after two decades.

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