Symptomless COVID-19 Cases May Carry The Same Amount Of Virus

Asymptomatic Coronavirus Patient Can Further Transmit Virus Easily

Asymptomatic Coronavirus Patient Can Further Transmit Virus Easily

According to a South Korean study regarding the coronavirus transmission, those symptomless COVID-19 cases have the ability to carry the same amount of virus in their body as compared to a severe coronavirus positive patient. The government of South Korea is now able to identify, distinguish, and isolate numerous asymptomatic cases by using a mass testing technique that was initiated since the beginning of the month of March.

Research study on symptomless COVID-19 cases

The testing provides insurmountable evidence, which suggests that these symptomless COVID-19 cases are in a considerable proportion in the total number of coronavirus infected patients. During the research, scientists are still unable to distinguish the amount of virus spread by the symptomless COVID-19 cases. Those individuals who have been tested positive for the coronavirus testing are being continuously monitored in the community treatment center, which allows the scientists working on the research study to look at the amount of coronavirus that is detectable inside their upper respiratory tract by using the throat and nose swabs. The testing was being done on a regular basis, and the patients were only discharged once they were completely tested negative for coronavirus.

After conducting more than 1,886 tests of symptomless COVID-19 cases which have been admitted in the treatment center, for having COVID-19 in their bloodstream but never displayed any relatable symptom for the viral infection, it can be said that there is the same amount of viral material present inside the upper respiratory tract in symptomless COVID-19 cases and symptomatic COVID-19 cases. According to the study results, the virus can be detected for a longer duration in asymptomatic coronavirus patients, although they are able to clear the virus from their system with a slightly faster rate than symptomatic COVID-19 patients.

The median time duration for symptomless COVID-19 cases was 17 days, while those coronavirus infected patients that showed clear symptoms of the disease had the median time for 19.5 days. Due to the transmission control of the viral infection inside the treatment facility, this research study does not include those individuals who were suffering from severe cases of coronavirus infection.

Symptomatic and asymptomatic coronavirus study across the world

Across the world, multiple countries, including the United Kingdom, focuses on those coronavirus patients that are showing their symptoms, due to which there is little to no data regarding the symptomless COVID-19 cases. The South Korean study provides in-depth information regarding those individuals who have been infected with coronavirus, but does not show the associated symptoms. But the researchers are still unable to identify the role played by the virus in further community transmission.

In theory, the symptomless COVID-19 cases have the same amount of virus present, but the chances are less as they do not frequently neither sneeze nor cough, which reduces the risk of further spread of infection via infectious droplets. While there is an increased risk with people having asymptomatic coronavirus infection, the risk increases multiple times with those individuals who are suffering from symptomatic coronavirus. The risk of catching the deadly disease depends on multiple factors, not only coughing and sneezing, due to which symptomless COVID-19 cases are likely to further transmit the infection and should be isolated.

The factors due to which symptomless COVID-19 cases can easily spread the deadly viral infection into the surrounding environment include quick and deep breaths, staying in close proximity with the infected individual, and for how long and lastly being in an enclosed environment ins which the virus can stay and transmit via air. All coronavirus infected people should be kept in isolation to limit and prevent community transmission, and use of face masks should be compulsory while traveling outside our homes.

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