Surge in iPhone Sales in China Led to Doubling of Profits of Apple

Rapid Rise in Revenue and Profit of Tech Giant Due to Working from Home Amid the Pandemic

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A rapid surge has been observed in the number of sales of iPhones, especially in the country of China, which has consequently led towards almost doubling of the profits of the tech giant Apple since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in the first quarter of the previous year. According to the bosses at Apple, the results have reflected a sense of optimism about the upcoming days in the future.

Increase in Apple’s revenue and profit

The rival tech firm to Apple, Facebook, has also reported an increase in its profits and revenues. Although the social media giant platform has given an initial warning prior to release that the latest software launch by Apple could possibly undermine their prospect in the upcoming time of the year.

There has been a rise in the sales of iPhone, iPads along with other devices offered by Apple throughout the time duration of the coronavirus pandemic, as the consumers throughout the world had spent most of their time of the day working from home, online shopping, or looking for entertainment on various online major platforms.

The Apple customers had continued to upgrade their smartphone devices to the newly launched iPhone, which has the feature of 5G connectivity, which was unveiled last year, along with upgrading the firm’s Mac computers and iPads to provide further efficiency in the studying and working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Amid the nationwide lockdowns implemented by the government throughout the world, there has been a major boost in music and fitness applications.

In the first three months of this year, the number of sales in the country of China nearly boosted to almost double the amount, which has led to the increase of overall revenue generated by the sales to $89.6 billion, which is an increase of more than 50% of the revenue generated in the previous year in the same region.

The profits calculated by Apple was $23.6 billion, which is a rise from $11.3 billion for the same time period in the past year at the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic.

According to the Chief Executive of Apple, Tim Cook, the first quarter of this year has reflected both the enduring ways that the products offered by Apple have provided immense help to the consumers to meet their requirement in life, along with the optimism felt by the users has given the satisfaction about the better days that are to come in the future.

Apple could hurt Facebook’s business

According to an analyst working at PP Foresight, this is another blowout quarter for the tech giant Apple. The iPhone smartphones launched by the firm have remained a key product along with a gateway for the Apple universe, providing the firm with a Launchpad to further increase their sales and services to the world.

The Equity analyst at Hargreaves Lansdown stated that the customers had been proved to be willing to splurge on Apple’s big-ticket items, which is all thanks to the global economic shift of working from home, along with the fact that people throughout the globe have been able to find comfort in creating their own selves.

The scale for the sales by Apple is a testament that the shiny embossed piece of apple fruit has a grip on the consumers across the world.

The social media giant Facebook, which generally relies on advertisement sales rather than the number of consumers on electronics, has been able to observe a bumper in its profits and revenues in the initial three months of the year 2021.

The time duration spends by the consumers at their residents and the major spending power has sifted on the online platforms, which has translated into the total revenue of $26.17 billion, which in turn has outpaced the predictions made by the analysts. The profits were also higher than previously expected at $9.5 billion.

Facebook has stated that in the upcoming months, they have expected their revenue to become either stable or further grow at a moderate pace. The firm has also admitted that the newly launched features by Apple this week, which includes an option through which the applications would not be able to collect data of the user, could have a significant negative impact on the business by Facebook.

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