Surface Duo: Microsoft’s First Android Phone Is $1400. Why?

Device Does Not Contain 5G Network Compatibility

Device Does Not Contain 5G Network Compatibility

It has been some time since Microsoft has launched a new phone is the rapidly growing market for Smartphones. In this time period, multiple Smartphones are being launched by a single company in just a matter of months, in which the list is topped by the South Korean tech brand Samsung, who has recently launched multiple gadgets along with two new Smartphones in their flagship range. Surface Duo is Microsoft’s first android phone launched, which provides similar looks and features with the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.

Microsoft tech firm has officially returned towards Smartphones, which has been initiated by Surface Duo, Microsoft’s first android phone with foldable technology. The company has previously left this line of merchandise after suffering from the spectacular failure due to the Windows phone launches. But now the company has diverted their attention to an innovative approach that contains dual-screen devices which are powered by android 10, instead of working on a version of Windows 10.

Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft’s first android phone was debuted at the event in October 2019 alongside the launch event of Surface Neo, which is powered by Windows 10X. The phone features double screens, which are connected by a 360-degree hinge, which provides easy accessibility and innovative design. Even though Surface Duo runs on the latest update of android 10, Microsoft still calls the device as the newest member of the Surface family. The Surface Duo will be launched in the United States on September 10, 2020, and the pre-order for Microsoft’s first Android phone will be available from August 12, 2020. The starting price for the Surface Duo will be $1,399 for their 12GB RAM and 128GB ROM model, which is the same price as an iPhone 11 Pro Max. The 256GB ROM model will retail for $1,499.

Specifications of Surface Duo

Microsoft’s first android phone Surface Duo provides an innovative design technology with its dual screens, which provides a major new form factor to the device. The device is essentially a folding tablet, along with being a Smartphone. Both the screens have a 5.6 inches AMOLED display each, which are combined together in the unfolded form to become an 8.1 inch display tablet with bold blacks and crisp colors. The device has a single 11 megapixel camera on the back, which supports 4k video recording.

The 360-degree hinges provide the Smartphone to be folded back-to-back to become a double-sided Smartphone device. Surface Duo is a very productive device that showcases multiple Microsoft’s software includes Windows and Office. This is a two-in-one device that works like a laptop and a tablet combined. This Microsoft’s first android phone contains the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855, a flagship processor that can be found on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note10 phones.

The battery of Surface Duo is 3,577 mAh that can provide continuous usage throughout the day without wasting any time in recharging the device. Microsoft Surface Duo has the capability of dual SIM option (nano-SIM and e-SIM) with 4G compatibility. This device does not have a 5G network technology, which is a step-down as compared to other flagship devices that are launched along with the Microsoft’s first android phone to provide better battery life and thin dimensions. The other upcoming devices being launched in the upcoming months, including Samsung Note 20 Ultra, Samsung S20 Ultra 5G, Samsung Z Flip 5G, and upcoming Apple’s iPhone is also rumored to be compatible with the 5G technology.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, Microsoft has shut down nearly all of their retail stores, due to which the device would only be available for preorder at BestBuy and Microsoft’s official website. After the launch, Surface Duo can be available to buy from AT&T too.

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