Suga Collaborates With PSY As A Producer And BTS Army Is In Meltdown

Suga turns producer for PSY's new album PSY 9's title track That That

BTS member Suga (Min Yoongi) and PSY need no introduction as they are the most famous and talented K-pop artists in the world. The two recently surprised their fans after the Gangnam Style singer dropped the teaser of the PSY 9th title track That That, announcing his collaboration with Suga. The song is a part of PSY’s full-length album PSY 9th. Sharing the teaser on his Twitter handle, he wrote, “PSY Full-Length Album [PSY 9th] Track List: #2. That That (prod. SUGA of BTS) *Title Track 2022.04.29 (Fri) 6PM KST”. 

The teaser shows PSY, dressed in a fringed cowboy suit, running in the slow-motion while a sentimental guitar instrumental plays in the background. The melody in the background is different from PSY’s usual discography.

Soon after PSY shared the teaser, BTS fans, popularly known as Army, were over the moon after knowing that Suga is collaborating with one of the best K-pop artists. One of the fans wrote, “OMG I JUST WOKE UP AND ALL OF THESE CONTENT And new chapter with hyundai! prod. SUGA of BTS with PSY OMG!!!!!!!! ”

Here have a look at the teaser: 

Another fan wrote, “THE GUITAR…ANOTHER YOONGI’S MASTERPIECE LET’S GO That That (prod. SUGA of BTS) by PSY *Title Track out 29th April 2022 (Friday) 6PM KST PROD SUGA COMING!!”

“Our playlist gonna go from shadow, to daechwita, to eight, to #ThatThat a funny & energetic song.. yes, talk about range! gonna be a rollercoaster ride and i love it PROD. SUGA IS COMING,” wrote a fan.

Here have a look at Army’s reaction: 

It is not the first time BTS’ Suga is collaborating with a singer. In the past, he collaborated with several singers in and outside South Korea as a producer.

Speaking about his experience working with PSY, Suga, in a separate teaser, said that initially, he was nervous working with PSY as he is senior to him. However, when he started working with him, it felt like he was working with a childhood friend.

Meanwhile, PSY’s upcoming track That That will release on April 29, 2022.

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