Sudan’s Military Dissolved Civilian Government and Arrested Leaders

A Leading Military General as Blamed the Political Infighting in The Country as The Cause of The Coup

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Sudan’s military forces have recently dissolved the civilian rule, along with making arrests of multiple political leaders, and a state of emergency has been declared across the country. The military general Abdel Fattah Burhan, who already had been leading a joint council alongside several leaders of the civilian government, has blamed the occurrence of the coup for being due to political infighting in the nation.

Arrest of government leaders

Hundreds of demonstrators have come out on the street of the capital city of Khartoum to protest against the arrests made by Sudan’s military. Several reports of gunfire have been reported during the civilian protest.

The civilian and military leaders of Sudan continuously had tensions amid them since the long-term ruler of the country Omar al-Bashir, had been overthrown from being the leader around two years ago, and a transition government had been set up for a temporary time duration.

Although the nation is currently in a deep crisis on an economic basis, a large amount of international support has been provided to the country, although the sudden take over the civilian government by Sudan’s military forces is likely to put it all in jeopardy.

Video footage has emerged for the capital city of the nation located in the region of North Africa on Monday, which showed that the demonstrators were manning barricades that were lit on fire, along with entering into a restricted area that is present near the headquarters of Sudan’s military.

One of the demonstrators among the massive crowd gave his statement to a news agency stating that the general population of the country is ready to give up their lives to make the democratic transition happen in Sudan.

The Prime Minister of Sudan, Abdallah Hamdok, is among some of those civilian leaders that have been reported to be put under house arrest by Sudan’s military during the coup, along with some of the members of his cabinet and several other leaders of the civilian leaders.

A statement has been posted on Facebook by the information ministry, in which they stated that those leaders who have been arrested are currently being held in an unidentified location in any part of the country.

It is also being reported that Prime Minister Hamdok has also been continuously pressed by Sudan’s military to give his support towards the coup but has given his refusal to follow through. He even urged the people to continue onwards with conducting protests in a peaceful manner to defend the revolution.

Military coup

General Burhan, who has been leading the Sovereign Council, is a major part involved in the power-sharing agreement that has been previously made between the civilian leaders and the military of the country.

During a televised nationwide address, he stated that the infighting among the politicians, determination along with encouragement towards violent activities had forced him to make certain actions that would help provide protection and safety to the nation, along with rectifying the course of the revolution.

He further added that the nation of Sudan is still fully committed to the international accords and the transition towards a civilian government, with plans made regarding the general election to be conducted in July 2023.

Thousands of civilian demonstrators have taken to the street of Sudan’s capital city Khartoum to denounce the military coup in the country. Some of the peaceful protestors even chanted ‘no to military rule’ as Sudan’s military has diminished civilian rule.

A female demonstrator, among numerous others, said that they would not be leaving the streets of the city until the leaders of the civilian government of the country are back and the transition into the military coup is reversed back.

According to the witnesses, the internet service throughout the country is down, and the armed forces along with paratroopers have been deployed in various areas across the city. The airport of the city has been closed down for a temporary time duration, while all scheduled international flights have been canceled.

There is an ongoing condemnation internationally due to the actions taken by Sudan’s military.

The special envoy sent by the United Kingdom for South Sudan and Sudan has posted a tweet saying that the arrests made by the military for civilian leaders have been a betrayal of the revolution and the transition along with the people of Sudan.

The United States, United Nations, European Union, and Arab League have also expressed their deepest concerns regarding the military coup.

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