Starbucks closes thousands of café-only stores due to coronavirus outbreak

More than 8,500 locations have been shut down.

Over 8,500 Stores Have Been Shut Down by Starbucks

Starbucks Corporation is a Coffee company and coffeehouse franchise with its first chain store in Seattle, the USA, in 1971. Now the company has over 30,000 operational stores all around the world and is known for on the best coffeehouses in the world.

Recently, Starbucks closes thousands of café-only stores across the United States due to the coronavirus outbreak. This decision is only for a temporary period, and the shutdown will end as soon as the severity of the outbreak decreases. As Starbucks closes thousands of café-only stores, the facility of the drive-thru and home delivery will be available for the next two weeks.

Decision to shut down Starbucks stores

The decision regarding that Starbucks closes thousands of café-only stores all across the US amid the coronavirus outbreak was finalized after more than 35,000 employees signed a petition to suspend the business. The company gave a statement in which they have decided to close all traditional café-only stores and will be working via drive-thru and food delivery models, which will be initiated on Saturday.

Even as Starbucks closes thousands of café-only stores, some selected locations which are near hospitals and healthcare facilities are being open that will help serve the hospital staff and first responders. These branches will be operated by employees who are willing to work in this situation.

Licensed branches, including those in grocery stores, will remain open. Starbucks closes thousands of café-only stores, which represents the decision that many multinational food chains, including Dunkin Donuts and McDonald’s, are also shutting down their dine-in service but will be available either by delivery or drive-thru.

Around 60% of Starbucks chain stores have the facility of the drive-thru, which has increased in the last few years. Starbucks closes thousands of café-only stores due to coronavirus as there are more than 8,500 operational stores spread across the country. This shutdown will be implemented in all company-owned stores in Canada and the United States to prevent social gatherings. The company has also said to shutter down stores and decrease opening hours in areas that are heavily affected by COVID 19.

The reason behind as Starbucks closes thousands of café-only stores is to reduce the possibility of further spread of COVID 19 as much as possible.  This initiative would help the employees to spend more time with their older family members and children who are home from school due to the coronavirus outbreak.

Helping employees of Starbucks

Even though Starbucks closes thousands of café-only stores amid coronavirus, the to-go facility is available at all branches to promote social distancing, and all employees will be paid for the next 30 days whether they work at the store or stay at home. The company has provided its workers with this relief, so they don’t have to worry about their employment as thousands of people are getting laid off, and businesses are closing.

The reason why the company has taken such severe measures as the cafés were experiencing heavy traffic at the registers amid the coronavirus outbreak and this resolution is to prevent socialization, which is the biggest factor in day by day massive increase in coronavirus cases.  Customers are urged to order via Starbucks application and other apps, including UberEats, which are affiliated with Starbucks and to stay at home as the crisis is getting severe, which has prompted several cities in the US to lock down that might help reduce the spread of COVID 19.

The decisions to close all dine-in areas of Starbucks cafés across the US and Canada comes after all, UK branches of the American coffee company were ordered to shut down following the Prime Minister’s order.

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