Specifications and Performance Metrics of Apple M1X SoC Leaked

High-Performance Chipset from Apple Silicon Models Would Be Announced In Q1 Of 2021

The performance metrics and specifications of the newly developed Apple M1X SoC have allegedly been leaked through a benchmark website and are said to be its fastest working chipset ever developed by the tech giant. According to the listing on the webpage, a recently produced rumored model for chipset named Apple M1X SoC, which would be the first-ever produced processor that has been developed under the Apple Silicon lineup to be launched later this year and is now currently under finalized testing process.

This powerful chipset is expected to be soon launched in the mainstream market, which would be the successor for the Apple M1 chip model, which was launched in the month of November in the previous year amid the coronavirus pandemic. The eight-core processing chip featured to be in the upcoming future models of MacBooks and iMacs, in which four of the cores have been represented by a low power small configuration, while the other four cores would be specially designed for high performances to provide smooth and extremely fast performance.

The new processor for high-end laptops by Apple with a large screen display has been designed to cope with the huge demanding amount of workload that consequently requires better performance level chipset. The Apple M1X SoC is expected to be announced in the first quarter of 2021.

Rumored enhanced chipset

It has been reported that the latest chipset to be launched by Apple for its Macs series would be including the power-packed Apple M1X SoC, which has been scaled further up to 12 CPU cores from the previous chip that contained 8CPU cores. Apple has given a public statement in which they have clarified that they are currently working to modernize their custom-designed, M1 SoC ARM-based chipset, which had been launched in the past few months, and after the leaked rumors for the new chipset, the name suggested would be Apple M1X SoC, which would be installed in further upcoming iMacs and MacBooks.

The listing rumor on the benchmark website CPU Monkey indicated that the information for the Apple M1X SoC is based on a pre-sample and could possibly vary in multiple technical detailing along with benchmark ratings for the final product. No official statement has been given by Apple regarding the development of a new chipset.

Apple M1X SoC specifications

The specifications for the Apple M1X SoCwould most likely be including 12 CPUs along with 16 GPU cores under the hood, which is an upgrade from M1 8CPU and * GPU cores in the chipset. However, the Apple M1X SoC would have a maximum of 3.2 GHz, which would be based on a 5 nm architecture, which is the same as the previously launched M1. If this unofficial information regarding the Apple M1X SoC chipset turns out to be true, that it would suggest that Apple would be putting their focus on further enhancing the graphic performance and compute for there, to-be-launched chipset.

The benchmark listing has also suggested that the Apple M1X SoC have scored 1514 in the Cinebench R23 single-core scoring along with a multi-core score result of 14450. This result has ranked it down below the  Intel Core i9-10850K, Intel Core i9-7900X, and AMD Ryzen 7 5800X on both of the score data.

The rumored report has given the second rank to Apple M1X SoC in the Geekbench 5 single-core (64-bit) test after the Intel Core i7-11700K. However, this pre-sample caveat with the listing has made the found results a bit suspicious than usual.

Refreshed MacBook models by Apple

It is being expected that Apple would soon be refreshing the outlook of all of their newly launched MacBook models, which would be containing the Apple M1X SoC chipset embedded inside for faster performance, which would be launched in the summer of 2021. Previously, unofficially people have tried to put together a possible outlook for the up-coming models for MacBook Pro that would have 14 inch and 16-inch variants, which were based on the rumors and leaked information, but certified evidence has been provided by Apple. The Apple M1X SoC silicon chipset would also be included in the 27 inch iMac devices.

According to other rumors being circulated in the tech community, Apple is working on other processing chipsets that would be containing 16-core and 32-core graphic processors.

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