South Korea Coronavirus Cases Increasing Fast

Will the rest of the world be able to survive peacefully?

South Korea Coronavirus Cases: Alarming for the World

The novel coronavirus has taken up over the world rather faster than we had ever anticipated. Corona Virus, also known as CORVID-19 that started from the seafood market of Wuhan, China has started spreading rather faster than it was expected to be.Now, South Korea coronavirus cases increasing fast even after the efforts, scientists and researchers are putting in to spot the disease altogether or even just to stop its spread has been to no avail as the epidemic is non-resistant to all the drugs and antibiotics that are discovered up till now which has also been the cause of a major widespread of fear throughout the world.

People who presented with the symptoms associated with the virus are now being immediately quarantined to reduce the amount of the spread as the virus is categorized to be airborne and highly contagious. Individuals are now being advised to stay indoors and to follow the health and safety measures that are provided by the government to reduce the risk of acquiring the disease.

South Korea Corona Virus Cases Increasing Fast

Even though all the safety measures are being provided, including masks and respirators caused by the spread associated with South Korea coronavirus cases increasing fast, there are still increasing the number of mortality rates and the huge risk of the disease going pandemic. Along with several other countries, South Korea Corona Virus cases are increasing fast, which is causing fluctuations in the country’s economy. People are now being advised not to stay outdoors unnecessarily and to follow the health and safety measures properly.

Neighboring countries around China, including South Korea coronavirus cases increasing fast and are on high alert to reduce the spread of this novel coronavirus that has already taken the lives of thousands of individuals and the infected ones, lives still at stake.

There has been a major jump in the number of individuals being affected, and the reason behind South Korea Coronavirus cases increasing fast is linked to Mega Church in Seoul that is considered a cult organization by the inhabitants of the area. There have been 433 coronavirus cases reported up till now and are increasing day by day, with only 2 fatalities confirmed so far.  This major jump in the number of the infected population is retracing to a 61 years old woman who has passed the virus to countless people while worshipping in the controversial Shincheonji Church Of Jesus in the last week.

The virus has also spread into a hospital that is near the Church but did not have the chance of further escalation. The individuals who were infected were admitted to the psych ward.

Preventive Measures By South Korea

Due to the amount of South Korea coronavirus cases increasing fast, there are several major measures in effect by the government to reduce the spread and the number of infected patients. Daegu, the region in South Korea, where the first carnivorous case was diagnosed, is on high alert. The area around the region is sealed off to decrease the possibility of the novel virus from getting out of hand and further spread to the surrounding areas. Many resources, including medical supplies and empty beds, are being provided to the hospitals in the region to allow a smooth treatment without any hindrances.

The region is on high vigilance level, and quite several public places are being shut down, including the education sector and corporate offices. With the main exception of this shutdown is the supermarket where the inhabitants are lining up to get food and supplies before they run out of it. Due to South Korea coronavirus cases increasing fast, people are now being reluctant and fearful to run into another person for fear of acquiring the disease.

There have also been several cases being reported for the coronavirus, but the main source of infection has not been traced up till now.

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