South Africa is being ‘punished’ for discovering a new Omicron variant

Only around 24% of the total population across South Africa have been reported to be fully vaccinated against Covid infection

South Africa has publicly complained that the region is being punished by several countries across the world instead of being applauded for their work regarding the discovery of the new Omicron variant of the coronavirus infection, which has become a major concern for the World Health Organization.

The foreign ministry of South Africa has recently made a statement in which they said that the nations throughout the world are to make restrictions on traveling from the countries of South Africa, as more details have emerged in the world regarding the transmission of the newly mutated deadly version of Covid-19 virus.

Deadly transmittable infection

The early evidential data that has been obtained regarding the new Omicron variant has suggested that this mutated strain has a much higher rate of re-infection in comparison with the previously discovered strains of coronavirus.

According to the World Health Organization, the new Omicron variant of Cvoid-19 has become a major concern for the entire world. Multiple cases have been diagnosed in Europe, including two new active cases in the United Kingdom and one present in the state of Belgium. Some of the single suspecting cases have been found out that are currently present in the Czech Republic and Germany. Meanwhile, the new Omicron variant has also been identified in countries outside of Europe, including Israel, Hong Kong, and Botswana.

Hundreds of travelers along with flight crew members that have recently arrived in the Netherlands by air from South Africa are all being tested for the new Omicron variant to prevent further spread of infection in the region, as it would be extremely hard to keep it under control.

Around 61 individuals that were on board two separate KLM flights have been tested positive for the Covid-19 infection and have been put into complete quarantine lockdown at a hotel which is located near the Schiphol airport in Amsterdam while further tests are being conducted on them, according to the Dutch officials.

The country of the Netherlands is currently under struggle with the massive record-breaking increase in active coronavirus cases. A partial lockdown for an extended period is coming into effect on Sunday evening. The new Omicron variant had been first reported to the World Health Organization from the region of South Africa on November 24.

Biased and punishing decision

A statement has been given by the foreign ministry of South Africa on Saturday and has strongly criticized the bans on travel to and from the region due to the diagnosis of a new Omicron variant with a higher rate of transmission. The spokesperson said that excellent science should not be punished and applauded instead.

The ban that has been put onto South Africa is to punish them regarding their advanced genomic sequencing along with the ability to make detections regarding the new Omicron variant much faster than other countries. The statement further added that the reaction that they have received from the world has been completely unexpected and different when other variants had been discovered someplace else in the world.

An official from the African Union said that the developed nations should be blamed for the emergence of the new Omicron variant in the world. The turn of events that have recently occurred is inevitable and is the result of the failure to fully vaccinate the world in a speedy, urgent, and equitable manner. This has occurred due to the hoarding of the coronavirus vaccines by some of the high-income nations in the world, which is completely unacceptable.

The travel bans that have been placed on South Africa due to the initial emergence of the new Omicron variant are fully based on politics and not through scientific means. This decision is wrong, as Africa should not be put on lockdown as the new deadly variant has already been able to transmit and appear in other countries of the world.

On Saturday, new traveling measures have been announced by several countries, in which they have clearly stated that all travelers arriving from South Africa and other countries located in near proximity to the region are to be restricted and not to be allowed inside the country unless they are the nationals of their own country. Meanwhile, other countries have put measures regarding a quarantine period before they would be allowed to go freely.

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