Some States Begin To Reopen After 50,000 Deaths

This Could Spark A More Deadly Second Wave of COVID-19

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In the United States, some states begin to reopen after 50,000 deaths amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The government of three states across the country has allowed reopening some shops and small businesses after the implementation of strict lockdown for the last five weeks. Across the United States, more than 929,028 individuals have been infected by COVID-19 since February, out of which 52,371 people have died after suffering through critical condition due to the COVID-19 infection.

Reopening of United States amid COVID-19 pandemic

Multiple spas and salons have been allowed to open across Oklahoma and Georgia as some states begin to reopen after 50,000 deaths as restrictions are partially being lifted on small businesses and stores. Limitations on public restaurants have also been lifted in Alaska.

There have been hundreds of costumers visiting the newly reopened businesses as some states begin to reopen after 50,000 deaths toll reached across the country while following social distancing and other preventive measures required to limit and prevent further transmission of COVID-19.

Out of the few states which have reduced the limitations and restrictions placed due to COVID-19 pandemic, Georgia has the fastest schedule for reopening the whole state as soon as possible as multiple personal healthcare businesses, including hair and nail salons, tattoo parlors and bowling alleys. Other areas across the United States will not be reopening soon in the upcoming few days due to the still increasing number of newly confirmed coronavirus patients.

As some states begin to reopen after 50,000 deaths have been recorded across the United States, multiple public facilities such as theatres, cinemas, and dine in restaurants. Due to the increasing number of unemployed personnel inside the country, which has now reached over 27 million people, the government of the United States is under pressure from multiple states to resume quickly.

Some states have begun to reopen after 50,000 deaths have been recorded inside the country of the United States, as 15% of the general population has become unemployed due to the lockdown, out of which many have now opted for early retirement.

As President Trump has announced for some states begin to reopen after 50,000 deaths, health officials from across the country are strictly against it as it is being expected that a second, more deadly wave of coronavirus will come and caused massive disruption and havoc across the world if not completely eradicated now, which required strict lockdown for a few more weeks.

To prevent life-threatening situations in America, the sanitation procedure of thousands of restaurants which have been reopened recently has been tightened and upgraded and with following strict social distancing to prevent further transmission of coronavirus in public places.

As per President Trump’s order, some states begin to reopen after 50,000 deaths in the United States; Trump has also signed an economic stimulus bill of $484 billion, which would help the general population of the country during a COVID-19 crisis. Before this, three other economic relief bills have been signed by the President to provide comfort to multiple businesses and establishments as the country’s economy is recessing.

Trump’s remarks for preventive measures at home against COVID-19

President Trump is facing severe criticism after suggesting to the general population of the country to inject themselves with disinfectant as a preventive measure against acquiring the COVID-19 virus. These remarks have been condemned as dangerous and life-threatening activity by thousands of doctors and disinfectant manufacturers.

The disinfecting substance is generally hazardous substances that could poison the country if ingested by a living body. External exposure of disinfectants can be dangerous for the eyes, skin, and respiratory system of the body resulting in permanent damage to the organ. President Trump later accepted that these comments were taken out of context and sarcastic.

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