Social Gatherings Above 6 Are Banned From September 14 In England

Workplaces, Schools, Sports Gatherings, Weddings, And Funerals Are Exempted

Workplaces, Schools, Sports Gatherings, Weddings, And Funerals Are Exempted

A social gathering that may contain more than six individuals has been made illegal from Monday in England, as a rapid escalation of coronavirus cases is being observed in the region. To prevent another wave of the deadly coronavirus infection that has already struck the economic stability of the country along with the loss of thousands of innocent lives as a consequence of the infection, the government has announced a new legal limit. According to the new announcement by England, any larger group meetings with the personnel limit over six individuals have been completely termed as illegitimate; either they are held indoors or outdoors.

Banning of large social gatherings

Even though this announcement regarding social gatherings across the country would be applicable in all places except schools, funerals, weddings, workplaces, and COVID-secure organized sports teams. For all those individuals who are unable to comply with the new legal limit for social gatherings would be forced to comply with these demands as the government has implemented a fine of £100. For those individuals who would not abide by the police would pay the amount of £3,200.

This new legitimized limit for all social gatherings would also have exemptions with respect to multiple cases, as support bubbles and households that contain more than six individuals would be completely unaffected. A whole list of all exemptions has been published by the government of England to prevent any issue. A press conference would be held on Wednesday by Prime Minister Boris Johnson to provide comprehensive details regarding the limitations of social gatherings.

In the preview of Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s address, he stated that all individuals living in England should act together to prevent the spread of viral infection. This new limitation of social gatherings across the country is being put in place to strengthen and simplify the regulations of social contact, along with making them easier to be strictly implemented by law enforcement.

Even though the coronavirus infection has drastically reduced in the past few weeks as compared to the previous few months, all concerning rules and regulations must be followed by all citizens of the country to prevent another deadly wave of the coronavirus infection. Any group or social gatherings that contain seven or above personnel pose a risk of getting dispersed or fined by the police if not complied with them.

New Rules

Some of the new regulations regarding social gatherings that will be put into place from September 14 are banning all social gatherings that exceed the limit of six individuals. This new rule would be applicable in all private households, outdoor and indoor gatherings, along with public places such as cafes and bars. This application of the rule has an exemption to be applied to all workplaces and schooling institutes.

These changes would be strictly applied to all individuals living in England. Even though the regulations regarding social gatherings would be followed by restaurants and pubs, they are allowed to have more than six individuals in the dining hall, but all groups of people will have to follow social distancing. The reason behind this newly legalized limitation of social gatherings is to allow all businesses to function as normal while they follow the required steps regarding the safety and hygienic measures.

Other countries, including Northern Ireland, Wales, and Scotland has also developed certain rules and regulations to prevent further transmission of coronavirus infection, which has already caused a severe economic recession, and numerous people have also died in the process by being infected with the viral coronavirus infection. Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson held a virtual conference with the police department to clear the regulations which are to be implemented in the upcoming week across the country.

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