Showing Off Working Brain-Hacking Device By Elon Musk

Real-Time Neuron Firing Will Be Shown In Live Webcam Session

Real-Time Neuron Firing Will Be Shown In Live Webcam Session

Elon musk has created a brain-hacking device, which is a part of his plan to provide superhuman abilities to normal human beings with just a computer microchip. The demonstration of this device is due, which is being made by his company Neuralink, for which they had initiated human clinical trials from last year. To show the public regarding his newfound technology, Elon Musk will be showing the potential working of the brain-hacking device implanted inside a robot in a live session on Friday that will allow the people to see the firing of neurons in real-time.

Neurological connectivity implant device

This brain-hacking device interface would allow the user with neurological conditions, i.e., paraplegia, to control technical devices like smartphones and computers with their mind. The long term goal of this device is to begin the age of what Elon Musk calls the ‘super human cognition’. Musk is determined towards influencing the people to merge with artificial intelligence to avoid any likely scenario where the AI becomes an increasingly string that it might completely destroy the entire human race.

Neuralink was founded in 2017 and recruited many scientists after intensive hard work, which is still advertised by Elon Musk on twitter. The brain-hacking device the company is developing contains a minute size probe that carries more than 3,000 electrodes that are attached to flexible threads that are reportedly thinner than a strand of human hair and has the ability to monitor the activity of 1,000 neurons of the brain.

Possible issues in neuronal implant device in the brain

In the last update by Elon Musk regarding the brain-hacking device, which was reported last year, Neuralink has carried out animal testing on a monkey that has the ability to control a computer by using his mind. The company has also built a neurosurgical robot that has the potential to insert 192 electrodes inside a brain in just a minute.

According to the assistant professor of physical medicine and rehabilitation at the University of Pittsburgh has described this working of Musk’s brain-hacking device as a truly disruptive technology in a tough space of medical technology. Neuralink has remarkable resources along with an outstanding team of engineers, clinicians, and scientists that are combining their efforts towards a common goal, which is to achieve a great chance of success. Even though Neuralink has unlimited resources, the development of medical devices requires time and safety as their number one priority, due to which it is suspected that this process of developing a brain-hacking device would need a longer duration than they have initially set their goal.

The only roadblock suspected for this brain-hacking device could be the increasing complexity of the human brain. After Nueralink has the brain recordings, they will decode them and hit the barrier, which is the lack of basic understanding regarding the workings of the brain, regardless of the recording of artificial neurons. Decoding of movement and goal plans are very hard when people do not understand the workings of neural codes in which those works are communicated.

Other than Neuralink, Elon Musk is the founder of Tesla and SpaceX due to which he has gained a very large audience worldwide due to his imaginations and his attempts towards progression in electric vehicles and space flight programs, respectively. Both of Elon Musks companies have demonstrated his habits by providing bold declarations regarding projects, for which required more time than it was initially planned by him. The same thing might happen with his recent project of developing a brain-hacking device by his company Neuralink.

On Friday at 3 pm Pacific Standard Time, Elon Musk will be physically portraying the workings of this device inside a robot. The working model of the device will demonstrate the firing of neurons in real-time.

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