Sharmila Tagore Reveals Sometimes She Signed Films “Just To Pay The Rent”


Sharmila Tagore Reveals Sometimes She Signed Films 'Just To Pay The Rent'

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New Delhi:

Veteran actress Sharmila Tagore, who is making her comeback in the entertainment world with Gulmohar, recently recalled signing films back in the 70s and 80s to pay the rent. During an interview with India Today, Sharmila Tagore revealed that sometimes she signed films for “money, just to pay the rent”. “Well, we as professionals, sometimes we sign a film for money, just to pay the rent. Sometimes we help a colleague or somebody who thinks if I’m in the project, the project will do well.” 

The veteran star added, “So I’ve made films for many reasons. And I think, overall, I’ve done it for because I liked the script and, at that point of time, that it was necessary. But at this point of time, where I am today, Kusum (Gulmohar) was necessary.” 

Sharmila Tagore also opened up about her comeback and why Kusum in Gulmohar was important for her.  “There is an image of what a mother is and what any other bhabhi is, that sort of thing. I didn’t want to do that. In Gulmohar, there are layers in the character, as in real life. Lots of people of our generation or elderly people overlook their own desires to facilitate or to cope or give to the younger generation. It comes very naturally for a woman. But, it is important to understand that if you prioritise your desire, that’s not wrong,” India Today quoted Sharmila Tagore saying. 

She added, “And now that I am of a certain age and my children have settled and they are leading their own life, they have their own children, their attention is on their children. I feel okay, I can do something, something nice, something different. I don’t feel so guilty. Because all of us, especially women, suffer from guilt. But you don’t feel that anymore. After a certain age, you feel ‘I’m kind of free.’ So that’s also very nice.”

Helmed by Rahul Chittella, Gulmohar also stars Manoj Bajpayee, Suraj Sharma and others. The film is slated to release on Disney+Hotstar on Match 3, 2023.

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