School Girls Told Not To Wear Tight Clothing as Cause Distraction for Teachers

Female Students Were Urged To Not Tie Their Jumpers around Their Waist or Wear Short Length Skirts

Female Students Were Urged To Not Tie Their Jumpers around Their Waist or Wear Short Length Skirts

The female students that are enrolled in the secondary school located in Carlow have been advised not to wear revealing or tight clothing when coming to school as it is quite distracting for the personnel present inside the school. The girls that were registered from sixth grade to first-year were called to attend a mandatory school meeting after the school morning assembly on Friday at the Presentation College, Carlow.

During the meeting, all the female pupils were urged that they should not wear tight clothing while coming to school as it was revealing their anatomy, which in turn in making the teaching staff uncomfortable to be among them.

Morning talks about tight or inappropriate school uniform

The female students were explicitly told not to roll their skirts in the upward direction as it makes it too short. Also, they should also not tighten their sweatshirts or jumpers across their waistline as it, in turn, reveal their shape of the body. While all schoolgirls were being told off not to wear tight clothing, the younger students were given a parental guidance version of the regulations, while the older female students were strictly notified against drawing attention towards their female anatomy.

These discussions regarding tight clothing that was delivered by the head of each year have caused an angry backlash at the school administration by the female students, while the younger students left in tears after the meeting. In contrast, no male student has been called out, either individually or in the form of a group, and advised against wearing tight clothing during school hours.

When asked, the female student body commented that after the discussions regarding revealing clothing and uniform style, they said that they now feel ‘unsafe, disgusted, violated, paranoid and degraded’ in the school environment, where it is their right to feel safe and secure between the teaching faculty and fellow students.

Online Petition against school

An online petition has been initiated by one of the female student’s parents against the increasing sexism in a secondary school system, including comments regarding tight clothing, which has attracted more than 5,000 signatures.

One mother commented regarding restrictions of tight clothing that they are trying very hard concerning the brought up of their child, in a way that they would not become ashamed of their own bodies in the future.

Several other parents also shared their opinion that during the current modern era, as they are trying to teach their male children to understand the concept that just because a female is wearing airtight clothes due to any reason does not signify that she wants to be stared at or be uncomfortable in public. This type of thinking is extremely wrong and negative and should be eradicated if possible.

Even though the Presentation College has a past history of being dress conscious, but this advisement for tight clothing and apparel during school hours is more than just the uniform females wore at school. The age group which has been targeted at between 12-18 years of age, and during that time, they tend to be very body aware.

Many parents believe that the school should issue an apology to the entire female student body involved for comments about tight clothing, as they should feel secure and safe in their well being while being in school.

Counter reaction of the secondary school towards allegations

To counter these allegations made against the school administration and faculty, a statement has been uploaded on the official webpage of the school, stating that the regulations and correct way regarding school uniform have not been changed since the last several years, and the only addition which has been done is in the introduction of a half-zip top, mandatory for all students that are in the first year.

The statement also includes that the students are periodically reminded of the rules and regulations of the school during the morning assembly. The administration, along with the teaching faculty, is working hard to look after the pastoral care needs and requirements for all enrolled students through the outstanding student support system offered by the school.

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