Save Up to $599 During X-Chair's Latest Sale


Investing in a well-made chair with ergonomic features will not only upgrade the look of your workspace, but it’ll also improve your overall work experience. If you’re sitting at your desk for hours — whether working or trying to unwind — you’ll need a chair that provides serious comfort and support. And X-Chair has some great options for you to consider. The company is also offering huge discounts on some of its best-sellers. Right now, you can save up to $599 off your chair purchase with additional savings on chairs with special upgrades.

X-Chair is a brand we’ve tested and recommended over the years. The X-Chair X3 made our list of best gaming chairs for 2024, and it’s also on sale. If you decide to pick up the X3, you’ll get 15% off and get a host of extra features, including Elemax cooling and heating, FS locking wheels and a headrest. When it comes to build quality, the X3 also shines. It’s covered with a multilayered nylon that the company claims is both responsive and supportive. Additionally, it’s water-, spill- and stain-resistant. The standard chair can support up to 350 pounds and works for folks who are up to 6 feet and 3 inches tall, but there are also options for taller people.

If the X3 isn’t the perfect match for you then you can browse X-Chair’s other offerings, including the X4 — available at 14% off with the same free features. There’s also 15% off the XG-Wing with free Elemax, 10% off the XS-Vision with free headrest and 10% off other accessories, except desks. 

This sale ends on March 26.

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