Save 20% on This Anker 20K Portable Charger With Integrated USB-C Cable

Yes, Black Friday might be around the corner but why wait when you can get your hands on this Anker 20K portable charger with a built-in USB-C cable with a massive 20% off right now?

This portable charger would normally retail for around $50 but if you clip the on-screen coupon before adding it to your cart Amazon will sell you one for just $40 instead.

This battery pack not only has a built-in USB-C cable so that you won’t need to remember to take one with you, but it also comes in four different colors as well. There’s no reason why these most functional of devices shouldn’t also be fun to use, and Anker’s choice of purple, white, pink and black colors sure is a vibe. It’s the purple one that you’ll see at the top of this post and it might just be our favorite of the four.

On the inside, all four battery packs are the same and feature a 20,000mAh battery despite the small frame. You’ll be able to charge all of your favorite USB-C devices thanks to that 22.5W USB-C cable that’s attached, and that includes the latest iPhone 15.

Need to charge other things? There’s an additional USB-C port while a USB-A port is also offered should you need it. That means that you can charge three things at once, perfect for those carrying an iPhone, AirPods and an iPad for example.

Charging isn’t all this thing can do — there’s a handy built-in stand as well so you can prop your phone up while it’s charging.

Amazon hasn’t said when this discount will come to an end but this is the first time this particular battery pack has been available as part of a deal, so it might not be here for long. And remember, the Amazon Black Friday event is sure to kick into gear soon as well.

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