Saudi Crackdown Widens: Arrests of More Royals

Several Royals Arrested Including Four Princes

Who can win the battle for the Saudi Kingdom?

The kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been under the rule of Monarchs from the beginning, unlike other countries that follow democratic leadership. During the last couple of weeks, the current ruler of Saudi Arabia, Mohammad Bin Salman, is rounding up royals and aides in Saudi Arabia that might be potential contenders to his power.

Saudi crackdown widens as it was reported that on Saturday, March 7, 2020, a couple of senior members of the royal family of Saudi Arabia were arrested over the alleged plot to dethrone the de facto ruler. These newly arrested people also include the former army head of intelligence.

Saudi Crackdown Widens and individuals are being arrested

Saudi crackdown widens as dozens of military executives, senior army office bearers, and several other suspected individuals were arrested on Saturday that might be involved in supporting an attempt to remove Mohammad Bin Salman from power.

The detainment of many high royals is also done, which include the younger brother of King Salman Prince Ahmed Abdul Aziz, a former crowned prince and King Salman’s nephew Mohammad Bin Nayef as Saudi crackdown widens. The official statement regarding the arrests made is not yet published, and the Saudi government is neither accepting nor denying the charges made against them regarding these arrests.

The reason behind these apprehensions

The officials and several members of the royal family are said to be allegedly forming a coup that would play an important part in the removal of Mohammad Bin Salman from being in power over Saudi Arabia. Now the country’s ruler is removing everyone that is suspected to be involved in this alleged coup is being arrested and detained at an unknown location.

No official statements have been released either by the government or Mohammad Bin Salman himself over the arrests as Saudi crackdown widens. This is being thought to be due to the turmoil that has been going on in the royal family in the form of criticism, but it does not justify the detainments that are being made across the country. Saudi crackdown widens as arrests are made by using masked security forces, and individuals are being transported from their private rooms.

The message it sends

The arrests that are being made by the royal family of Saudi Arabia by its current ruler Mohammad Bin Salman sends a powerful message instead to the rest of the royal family to step back in line and follow the order or the consequences will be dire and life-threatening. If Prince Ahmed can be arrested as Saudi crackdown widens, so can anyone else in the royal family.

But these sorts of behavior are sending a slightly rough message to the rest of the world, which might affect the overall image of Saudi Arabia. These arrests raised speculations about the health of King Salman and the potential rise of Muhammad Bin Salman’s to the throne, but they were considered null as the King was seen in optimum health during the Swearing-in ceremony of newly appointed Saudi ambassadors in Uruguay and Ukraine.

These apprehensions are said to be done to provide a smooth transition of power from King Salman to the crowned prince Mohammad Bin Salman before its time in November during the G20 meeting that is scheduled to be held in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

t is also being speculated that Muhammad Bin Salman wants to be crowned king ahead of its time so that his father, King Salman, ages 84 years, would be alive to see the transition. Saudi insiders are reporting that Muhammad Bin Salman is likely to become the future king of Saudi Arabia as King Salman is inclined towards the decision, and anyone else is unlikely to become the next ruler of the country until King Salman is alive.

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