Saudi Arabia Suspends Umrah Pilgrimage Due To Coronavirus

Coronavirus is making our worst fears come true.

Hajj pilgrims wear masks with the fear of Spreading Coronavirus

Coronavirus has gone pandemic and now is the major source of widespread fear that has taken the whole world in its fist. Started from the seafood market of Wuhan, China, it has now spread far and wide, and it does not look like to be contained sometimes soon. Around seventy-eight thousand people are affected up till now, with the toll increasing day by day. More than three thousand people have lost their lives to the novel coronavirus.

Every major leading country is trying to discover its antidote, but no vaccine is discovered for the virus up till now. Starting from China, coronavirus has now spread to several countries, including South Korea, Iran, Hong Kong, Japan, Pakistan, and several other countries. The European government has started taking precautionary movements to prevent the novel virus from entering the region. Countries like the United States of America and Canada have also started taking preventive measures to reduce the risk of an epidemic in the area.

After the recent outbreak events that took place in Iran, many people traveling back from Iran to other countries, including Pakistan, were screened, which lead to the reporting of two confirmed coronavirus cases, now hospitalized and quarantined in major private hospitals. Saudi Arabia suspends Umrah pilgrimage due to coronavirus rapid spread in many countries.

There have been many recent major outbreaks of the virus in various countries. Iran is one of the countries which has multiple cases of the novel coronavirus and the reason for the further spread of countries like Pakistan. Until now, there have been two confirmed cases in Pakistan that were caused to those individuals who recently traveled to Iran, and the Pakistani government has also taken preventive measures to reduce the risk of this virus further spread including screening of people who lands from International flights.

Saudi Arabia suspends Umrah pilgrimage due to coronavirus, including inter-country travel to both the holy cities of Makkah and Madina Munawara. The entrance of foreign citizens has been stopped by postponing the visiting visas for all except Saudi citizens as the rising fear on pandemic has started a state of panic all over the world.

Saudi Arabia suspends Umrah pilgrimage due to coronavirus as the number of infected individuals is increasing day by day outside of China, fueling the rising state of fear. The ministry of foreign affairs has released a press conference in which he gave the statement that all visas are postponed temporarily, but no proper date of reinstatement has been provided.

Currently, is this virus is interfering with the schedule of people planning to perform Umrah and travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the holy month of Ramadan. Saudi Arabia suspends Umrah pilgrimage due to coronavirus will interfere later with the timetable of hajj during which millions of Muslims travel from all around the world to the kingdom to perform the holy pilgrimage.

There has been no confirmed case reported in Saudi Arabia, but to prevent the virus from entering the borders of the country, they have postponed the visa, which is a major loss for the country after they launched a new scheme in October last year by opening tourism visa for 49 countries.

The epicenters of coronavirus outside china are majorly in Italy and Iran and majorly spreading to various other countries that had flights departing from Italy and Iran. There should not be this much panic as there is a 3% mortality rate associated with the virus and the rest of 97% of individuals are getting better after being in quarantine for the time being. The decision made by Saudi Arabia suspends Umrah pilgrimage due to coronavirus was good for the country to be safe during this time at the cost of the Saudi’s economy.

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