Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra: Does Addition of Stylus Spell End of the Note Series

S21 Line-Up Could Be Launched Without a Charger and Earphones In-Box, For Which Samsung Mocked Apple Last Year

The new flagship smartphone launched by South Korean tech firm Samsung by their S series, which could possibly suggest the end of their Note series. The new Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra smartphone will now be paired with a stylus for the first time. The S pen is an optional addition for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, while the other lower specification S21 variants would not have the firmware to facilitate the stylus.

Probable termination of Note series

The newest addition of S pen to Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra has fuel speculations that the Note smartphone line-up could possibly phase-out after its launch event was held virtually and streamed on January 14 worldwide. However, Samsung has not yet provided any detailed account for it.

The smartphone handsets launched by Samsung, generally in the international market experienced an escalated declined in the sales of units as compared to the wider market range. According to one expert, this streamlined latest line-up by Samsung could possibly help in helping address the issue.

According to the CCS Insight consultancy, Ben Wood, both the S series and Note series by Samsung has logic behind its production, as both products with slightly different variations address different clientele. If Samsung is not looking forward to the extent their Note line-up, this decision will align the tech firm with Apple, which generally holds a single launch event annually.

Every time when Samsungs launch their Note series handset in the second half of the year, it somehow plants a seed in the minds of their consumers that they previously launch S series phone in the first half of the same year have somehow gotten old.

The additional benefits of having an S pen with the most advanced variant in the Samsung Galaxy S21 lineup provides the facility of easier writing, drawing and annotates notes than using fingers. Although the stylus might look like a normal accessory for a high-end phone, the working for an S pen requires a specialized hardware technology under the gorilla glass display of the smartphone to power supply along with track the tip of the S pen for smooth strokes.

While the company has yet to decide whether to continue the Note series or not, but that does not denote that they are not as much committed towards the Note category, but are working towards the expansion of the Note experience across other device categories. The decision would be based on the feedback by their customers, which would also reflect on their continuation for product innovation.

 Samsung Galaxy S21 line-up

The Samsung Galaxy S21 will have 5G support on all variants along with having the latest chipset by Qualcomm Snapdragon 888; meanwhile, the international variant of the smartphone will be powered by Samsung’s own Exynos 2100. The recently launch Android 11 will be run on Samsung Galaxy S21 with the software overlay of Samsung’s One UI 3.1. All variants for the Samsung Galaxy S21 line-up have been optimized to facilitate 8K video recording at 24 frames per second, which is twice the maximum resolution allowed by Apple newest launch of iPhone 12 video application.

The most higher-up variant in the Samsung Galaxy S21`series in the Galaxy S21 Ultra with a large 6.8” dynamic AMOLED HDR display with 120HZ refresh rate. This screen size is slightly less than the last Note handset launched with 6.9” display.

In the past few years, the Note series was generally known as phablets, and the display size provides in the line-up was one of the Key distinguishable features with the S series.

The sale for the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra would begin from $1199.9 as it is scheduled to go on sale for the general public from January 29. The S pen requires additional $47.87 if bought separately, while $116.26 bundled with the specialized smartphone case for storing of the S pen along with the handset. When combined all together, the price for Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra is at $1612.64 with both S pen and phone case with stylus slot.

However, the Samsung Galaxy S21 smartphone series might be following two of Apple’s notable features in their upcoming launch. These flagship smartphones would not be compatible with a microSD storage card expansion. And the Samsung Galaxy S21 variants could be launched without earphones or chargers, a decision for which Samsung has mocked their competitive rival firm Apple during the launch of iPhone 12.

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