Russia May Approve First COVID-19 Vaccine By Mid-August

Vaccine Would Be Initially Available To All Frontline Healthcare Workers

Vaccine Would Be Initially Available To All Frontline Healthcare Workers

Russia is trying to become the first country across the world to approve the first COVID-19 vaccine in an upcoming couple of weeks, even though there have been multiple safety concerns over its effectiveness and development of the alleged antidote for coronavirus infection, due to which more than 664, 333 has died worldwide after being infected with the deadly pathogen. The approval of this first COVID-19 vaccine is yet to be completely verified, which is expected to be completed before August 10.

This will be the first COVID-19 vaccine manufactured and able to be safely used by the general population across the world. Initially, this vaccination will be prioritized to be used by the Frontline healthcare staff that is combating the harmful viral infection. The sovereign wealth fund of Russia is funding this research project, for which their head is positive about the success of the first COVID-19 vaccine ever developed. This is a proud moment for them as they have been able to develop a completely new antidote for coronavirus, which no other country in the world has been able to do until now.

COVID-19 vaccination

No scientific data or evidence has been provided by the Russian authorities that would help verify the authenticity, effectiveness, and safety of the first COVID-19 vaccine ever produced. According to the critics, this push on the country regarding a coronavirus vaccine comes from the political pressurization directly from the Kremlin that is trying to portray the country as a scientific force worldwide. There are also several concerns that the proper and complete human clinical trial is not yet completed, which are required to finish before launching the first COVID-19 vaccine across the world.

There is a numerous coronavirus vaccination trial being conducted across the world, out of which few of them are being conducted on a large scale population. No clinical trial has been completed yet, as the pharmaceutical companies are cautious to complete the extensive compilation of data before approval of an antidote.

Multiple global vaccine trials have entered into the third phase of their testing, but the Russian vaccination is undergoing its second phase of tests and trials, but the developers are hopeful of completing the process before August 3. The third phase of the Russian coronavirus antidote will be conducted parallel alongside the vaccination of the healthcare workers.

According to the Russian developing authorities, this first COVID-19 vaccine was able to be completely developed, as this is a modified version of the vaccination for pre-existing viral infections. The same approach has been taken by several pharmaceutical companies to formulate a coronavirus antidote from already manufactured vaccinations that are currently being used across the world to treat other diseases.

The pharmaceutical company named Moderna, which is financially backed up by the United States government, is also trying to develop a new vaccine for COVID-19 by modifying an existing drug that is used to treat MERS, a virus related disease which is similar to coronavirus. Phase 3 for this vaccine has been started since Monday by quickly passing through the developmental process. The European and United States regulators now require complete efficacy and safety testing of the vaccine before allowing its consumption by the public.

Russian clinical trial

The first COVID-19 vaccine that is being developed by Russia to be safely consumed in the next two weeks has been using the Russian soldiers for their human clinical trials. The director of this vaccination project has already injected himself with the antidote before it has been approved by the required authorities. This development and manufacturing of this antidote are fast-tracked due to the growing issue of coronavirus pandemic inside the country. More than 800, 000 confirmed coronavirus cases have been recorded since the viral infection entered the country.

This first COVID-19 vaccine has been based on the adenovirus vectors, which would not be able to replicate inside the human host body due to its weak nature. This antidote relies on two vectors, due to which the injected patient would receive another booster shot after an initial vaccine injection.

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