Russia and Iran Have USA Voter Information: FBI

Both Countries Have Denied Claims to Obtaining Sensitive Information Regarding Voters

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The United States national security stated that Iran is being accused and held responsible for sending intimidating emails to all democratic voters a few weeks before the commencement of the presidential election 2020 in the month of November.

According to the Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe, the main sources from which these emails have been received is a pro-Trump group and were used to incite civil unrest across the country before the presidential elections. He also stated that the officials from the United States were able to found that Russia and Iran have been able to obtain some sensitive voter information from the country’s database.

Accusations against Russia and Iran

Both Russia and Iran have denied all claims associated with illegitimately obtaining personal data and voter information from the United States along with any interference in the upcoming elections.

The foreign ministry’s spokesman of Iran located in the United States gave a public statement, stating that the false and baseless claims made by the United States regarding illegally obtaining voter information have been strongly rejected by the Iranian government and has also been sent over to the Swiss ambassador.

He also added that Iran has no interest in the outcome of the upcoming presidential elections in America. The Swiss ambassador is in alliance with the interest of the United States in Tehran.

Dmitry Peskov, the spokesman from the Kremlin, denied all claims of getting US voter information and said that this accusation which has been made by the United States in Russia is an unfortunate incident.

Multiple accusations like these tend to come after a few days and are completely baseless and groundless. It could be suggested that there was some sort of an internal political issue in connection with the 2020 presidential elections.

Claims to cause civil unrest, confusion, and chaos among voters

The sudden decision of john Ratcliffe to hold a public briefing regarding the acquiring of private voter information in close proximity to the presidential election of this year could be seen as a testament regarding the escalating concerns of the government over illegitimate interference during the voting procedure and disinformation campaigns from any actor located overseas.

The chief of intelligence said that the trick email of Iran is regarded violation of voter information which has been sent by the pro-Trump group called Proud Boys in regard to threaten voters, initiate civil unrest, and damage the integrity of President Donald Trump.

He also stated that the violated sensitive voter information would be used to communicate counterfeit data to the registered voters to sow chaos and confusion along with undermining the confidence of voters in the democracy of the United States.

According to Ratcliffe, the same course of action has not been taken by Russia like Iran, but they are positive that they also have some sensitive voter information obtained from the United States database.

In multiple states across the country, voter information can be obtained upon request to the designated department, but every state has a different set of requirements for requesting voter information, which parts of the data are allowed to be made public, and the steps of how the voter information could be potentially used.

A public notice has been sent to all voters saying that if any individual receives an email that contains manipulative or intimidating content, the person should not be alarmed or further publicize or spread the email.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation’s director also joined by John Ratcliffe during the press conference. He assured the public that the upcoming presidential elections would be completely protected and resilient.

All voters should be confident that their vote would be counted. Any early claim which might suggest otherwise should be viewed with a healthy measure of skepticism.

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