RSS Ideology

Impact And Complications For Indian Muslims And Other Minorities

RSS Ideology-A Nightmare for Indian Muslims And Other Minorities

Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) founded in 1925 by Keshav Baliram Hedgewar. The development of this party or organization was purposeful, as the founder and all key stakeholders wanted to create resistance during British rule. The basic idea behind RSS was to streamline the Hindu nation and RSS ideology. Hedgewar was a pre-eminent Hindu Nationalist. RSS set the foundation to sustain Hindu’s cultural, religious, and political interests. Later, the party was run by Madhhukar Dattatray Deoras.

RSS India has manifested itself as a cultural party under the banner of Hindutva. The focus of RSS is to depict dedication and discipline to restore strengths and unity among different Hindu castes and classes. Historically, RSS played a meaningful role in initiating the Hindu nationalist movement. The Indian government also banned this organization, as it caused communal violence in different parts of India.

According to the new RSS ideology, it rebranded its uniform for contemporary India. Due to the increasing escalation between Hindus and Muslims in India, the organization streamlined its thinking. Even escalation with Pakistan also accelerated the Hindutva surge

Religion is like a pair of shoes.....Find one that fits for you, but don't make me wear your shoes.

George Carlin American Actor and Social Critic

RSS is full of Hindu radicals, as these nationalists placed Ram Idols in the Babri mosque, which was a significant place of Muslims. The religious and cultural violence has become common, especially in different Muslim events, as radicals aim to impose the agenda of Hindutva in the whole country. The ruling party in Pakistan “Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf” have condemned initiatives or activities of RSS against Muslims, these are not acceptable, particularly in Kashmir. The concept of Hindutva sets the grounds for the ruling party BJP as well. The ideology rooted in a belief that the Hindus are united in the Indian culture, as these are based nations forever.

After the idea-getting surge due to Kashmir misadventure with Pakistan, several Hindu groups were activated. Noticeable Hindu groups are Arya Samaj and Sanatana Dharma. Members of these groups are looking to idealize the Hindu society, as they have to know how Hindus can be revived and recognized in the Indian culture.

One of the main reasons for RSS is to revitalize wayward moral values of Hindus or Hinduism. Disciplined and uniformed RSS activists or members are intending to unify the Hindu nation by disgruntling Indian and outside Muslims and promoting RSS ideology. When teaching their Hindu practices in the country, contradictions with Muslims occurred, and it caused the cultural and religious violence.

Aspects of RSS Ideology

The positive aspect of RSS is its foundation in the Indian culture for Indian Hindus. Even poor females and low castle people are emerging in the country by participating in several projects initiated by RSS affiliated organizations. A list of RSS affiliated organizations began development, education, and health activities. Nevertheless, when keeping an eye on national and international politics and escalation with neighbors, these activities have become controversial as well.

Is RSS preparing Hindus to increase hate against Muslims? Taking votes in the name of the cast and brainwashing young Hindu people are factors, which streamlined the agenda to the whole world. Nobody can think that RSS ideology will eliminate Muslims, as they are an integral part of India. India is a culturally diverse country, and RSS India is trying to destroy it by discriminating against Indian Muslims.

RSS ideology is a divisive fascist. RSS’s collaboration with BJP also represents a clear picture. The support from Modi’s government to idealize the Hindutva justifies that the Indian government is not intended to give Muslims their rights. They are just trying to promote or optimize Hindu nationalism. RSS has an eventful history in India, and further clashes with Indian Muslims are possible in the future. Still, RSS India has to exhibit the agenda for Muslims, as India Muslims are already struggling due to cultural and religious limitations.

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