Ronaldinho Arrested In Paraguay Over Fake Passport

Brazil’s legend footballer Ronaldinho has arrested with his brother over a fake passport

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The 39-years former Brazilian superstar Ronaldinho arrested in Paraguay over fake passport while trying to entering into a South American country. The famous soccer player headed toward to Paraguay with his brother for a charity event promotion hosted by Nelson Belotti. On Wednesday, he got arrested when he entered in Asuncion with his brother Roberto. After this incident, the event is postponed until further notice from the casino owner.

On Thursday, Ronaldinho and his brother, both were interrogated by Paraguayan authorities. They announced that they would keep them in lock-up until the next hearing. The prosecutor on the case, Osmar Legal, said that Ronaldinho and his brother both are at risk of escaping back to Brazil as the country doesn’t deport their natives.

What Happened After Ronaldinho Arrested In Paraguay Over Fake Passport?

On January 7, 2020, his Paraguayan passport with full name Ronaldo de Assis Moreira was issued. This passport states him as Brazilian, but in reality, he’s known as Paraguayan. Police have taken the illegal Paraguayan ID card in its custody. His brother Roberto has also got orders to appear in front of prosecutors at sharp 9 am as per local time after involving in the fake Paraguayan passport.

As per Paraguayan outlet La Nacion, when Ronaldinho arrested in paraguay over fake passport, he was found in a hotel with his brother. Police visited Ronaldinho’s hotel after getting information from official immigration authorities.

After a six-hour hearing, Judge Clara Ruiz Diaz said that both brothers would keep in lock-up. In contrast, their lawyers arguing that they don’t have any fault. They said that Ronaldinho has some serious heart problem that requires proper medication. According to the Daily News Report, lawyers didn’t have authentic documents to justify Ronaldinho arrested in paraguay over fake passport in front of prosecutors.

A 45 years old Brazilian businessman Wilmondes Sousa Liria also caught in this incident as he was providing falsified documents to Ronaldinho and Roberto. He has already been jailed many times due to involving in illegal activities. Paraguay’s official authorities revealed Ronaldinho’s pictures in which he is surrounded by police, sitting on a sofa wearing a white T-shirt with a black hat.

In a statement, it is stated that prosecutors are inspecting Ronaldinho and Roberto’s passports and documents thoroughly. And the overall investigation was conducted by Federico Delfino, Marcelo Pecci, and Alicia Sapriza with the help of the National Police.

To find out the authenticity, all documents are being scrutinized thoroughly along with national ID cars and mobile phones. Moreover, Ronaldinho doesn’t contain a Brazilian passport when he was imposed with a fine in November 2018. Also, he failed to pay 2.5 million dollars fine for environmental damage in Porto Alegre.

More On Ronaldinho Arrested In Paraguay Over Fake Passport

Due to the current incident, Ronaldinho has become a highlight of newspapers nowadays. In July 2019, Ronaldinho impounded his Spanish and Brazilian passports due to unpaid taxes and fines. In some rumors, he will be retired from the football team soon. Paraguay Interior Minister said that “I appreciate his popularity and fame, but the sporting laws must also be respected. No matter how big a player you are, we will still follow the rules and regulations.”

In 2004 and 2005, Ronaldinho got the title of “Player of the Year” and met the highest of his career in Barcelona. In 2002, he won the World Cup in Brazil with his co-player Rivaldo and Ronaldo. According to research, it is estimated that Ronaldinho’s net worth is around £80-100m, and to promote a single Instagram post, he charges almost £150,000.

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