Rights to Repair but FTC Is Investigating Broken McFlurry Machines, Why?

Government Is Getting Involved in The Argument to Gain Rights for Repairing Broken Tech by Yourself

It has become a very common issue that, on a general basis, Mcdonalds’ had to suffer from having broken McFlurry machines. Even the company has also given hints that the issue revolving around the regularly broken McFlurry machines might possibly be a major problem. According to the Wall Street Journal, it has been reported by the FTC that they are currently looking into the reason behind why McFlurry machines tend to be out of order most of the time.

Although the question arises why the Federal Trade Commission would be looking into this chronic and frustrating issue of broken McFlurry machines across the United States. According to the article published in the Journal, it might be due to the reason that the franchises of Mcdonalds’ are restricted to repair the ice cream dispensers by themselves. And the cause behind such a rule is something the FTC is looking into now.

Right to repair

In the past recent few weeks, the Federal Trade Commission has ramped up its enforcement of regulations regarding the restriction made on the illegal repair of tech. The United States agency is focusing on various sectors, which extends further than the broken McFlurry machines. If an individual accidentally cracked their smartphone screen are wished to get it repaired or replacing the old phone battery with a new one, this king of repairs also falls under the FTC guidelines.

The Federal Trade Commission is currently looking into the fixing of the frequent problem suffered by McDonald’s regarding their broken McFlurry machines, and the reason behind the long time it requires to be fixed, and whether this could be an issue of the right to repair by the manufacturing firm.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Federal Trade Commission wants to know the reviews of McDonald’s suppliers and the equipment used by their franchises, including the ice cream dispensers, along with the times when the fast-food owners are allowed to be able to work on their own electrical appliances, according to an individual that is familiar with the conversations of FTC with franchises.

The rights to repair is when the manufacturing firm gives the consumer along with other third-party firms the necessary kind of tools, spare parts, and instruction manuals that are to be used on the product they have purchased, in case it malfunctions, on their own instead of being reliant on the manufacturer to solve the concerning issue. This might also be the case why broken McFlurry machines require several days to get fixed.

There is another aspect of the right to repair, which is currently under discussion, that is to force the tech firms to make simpler designs and building of their products that are easier to be fixed without the need of a specific technician.

Executive order by President Biden

The President of the United States, Joe Biden, has given an executive order recently along with a new policy statement that has been specified by the Federal Trade Commission, both of which are designed to help the general population to some amount of cash the next time any individual requires to repair their phone.

The executive order by President Biden, which had been issued in the month of July this year, has come after multiple years of ongoing debate by the advocates which had been calling for the right to repair, which is a set of regulations that, in theory, would be forcing the phone developers, along with manufacturing firms of automobiles, washing machines farm equipment, medical devices to post all the diagnostic tools for the public to access along with the documents that are required to fix the broken product.

This would allow the general population to fix any malfunctioning electronic item by themselves or allowed to consult with a third-party repairing shop, rather than to be completely reliant on official repair centers that are authorized to handle such issues, which is generally the most expensive option. This would also help in timely repairs of broken McFlurry machines all across the United States.

Following Biden, as he had been able to gain 5-0 votes on the policy statement, the FTC has taken some quick measures which indicates that the commission is to begin an investigation over any warranty or restriction over repairs that are in violation of the antitrust laws.

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