Rescheduling of Dubai Expo To Attract More Visitors

Billions of Dollars Have Been Utilized in Conducting This 6 Month Event

Dubai is currently gearing up to conduct the World Expo a year later after it was originally scheduled to be held. The World Expo is generally held every five years at various locations around the world and lasts up to a time duration of 6 months. During an expo, hundreds of countries from around the world use their pavilions to show off their latest achievements and innovations in technology and architecture. The Dubai Expo was previously scheduled to start on October 20, 2020, but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Impact of World Expo on Dubai

Before the COVID-19 infection pandemic forced the postponement of Dubai Expo 2020, the organizers for this event have expected more than 25 million visitors during the time duration of six months during this international fair. The recently provided schedule for Dubai Expo is now from October 1, 2021, to March 31, 2022.

Although there have been various travel restrictions amid the coronavirus pandemic, along with lockdown measures instated in certain areas around Europe, the director-general of Dubai Expo 2020, Reem Al Hashimy, said that they are currently holding the event based on the pre-pandemic target.

The entire world has suffered through galactical shifts over the past year, but as now the vaccine for COVID-19 infection has begun rolling out to the general population around the world, it is expected that the current situation would settle down to a minimum by the month of October this year. The director-general of Dubai Expo 2020 believes that the situation regarding the COVID-19 pandemic would be positive by the time of this world event.

This forecast is optimistic for the event of Dubai Expo 2020 as it relies on tourism when most of the region across the world has cut down on traveling internationally. However, the organizers of the Dubai Expo have become hopeful as there had been various in-person seminars and conferences, along with trade shows which have been held at various areas throughout the city over the past few months.

The team of organizers for Dubai Expo 2020 are also expecting that the rates of vaccination would gather their pace throughout the globe during the summer months, which would also provide individuals the confidence to start making trips on an international basis again as the rate of transmission of COVID-19 decreases.

The Dubai Expo is expected to be billed as the biggest event, which would be held in the entire Arab world. For the United Arab Emirates, this showpiece event of Dubai Expo is coming at a time when the region is trying to recover from one of its worst economic recession in the past five decades.

Economic recession of UAE

In the previous year, the economic condition of the country has constricted by 6.6%, even as the government has announced a series of reforms for the attraction of investment funding along with helping in businesses. Some of these steps have been able to show some results with the International Monetary fund, helping in up-gradation of the outlook of growth for the United Arab Emirates to 3.1% in the year 2021.

The authorities of the nation are currently are hopping on this year’s Dubai Expo for the attraction of tourists in large quantity, which would help them in the acceleration of recovery of their economy. Billions of dollars have been incorporated into this project of Dubai Expo since the United Arab Emirates was able to win the bid for the organization of international fair in the year 2013.

The spectacle is most critical for the financial hub of the region of the Middle East, as the economic model of Dubai relies heavily on sectors that are driven by the spending of consumers, including travel, retail luxury, and hospitality.

While it is believed by experts that it might be a challenging task to achieve visitors to 25 million during the 6 months of Dubai Expo, there is a broad consensus that tens of thousands of individuals would be attending the Dubai Expo 2020, which is expected to have a very significant economic impact for the country.

According to the guidelines provided by the Dubai Expo team, more than 190 countries from around the world would be taking part in this event and would be allowed to showcase their innovative ideas circulating around the themes of opportunity, mobility, and sustainability.

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