Replacing Of Journalists With Robots by Microsoft

An Essential Requirement for the Company towards Progress and Advancement

An Essential Requirement for the Company towards Progress and Advancement

Microsoft has decided replacing of journalists with robots on their MNS website and usage of an automated system for the selection of appropriate news stories for their website. Currently, a number of human journalists are working on curating multiple stories, pictures, headlines, and other production tasks for the MSN website, but this procedure will soon be given to artificial intelligence. According to Microsoft, replacing of journalists with robots is an essential part of the evaluation in the business industry.

Dismissal of multiple journalists from Microsoft

Multiple dozens of journalists have been fired by Microsoft to be replaced by artificial intelligence software that will use an algorithm for the selection of any and all news to be posted on MSN website. The staff workers who were employed to maintain a proper and complete home page of MSN website have been redacted from their respective jobs due to replacing of journalists with robots.

More than twenty-seven individuals have been warned regarding losing their jobs by the Press Association Media, as Microsoft is under advisement to completely stop the employments of humans to edit and maintain the articles for the Microsoft MSN website homepage. All human employees working at the Microsoft Corporation were hired from PA Media. But it has been decided by Microsoft to completely end their contract with PA Media on short notice due to the global crisis. This is an essential step in the favor of automated machines required towards the advancement of the company.

As Microsoft has decided in replacing of journalists with robots, multiple journalists who have been working for the company for a very long time has a longstanding experience with good chances of getting new jobs elsewhere. But there are many employees who recently got into the corporation are facing a very tough challenge as many business companies are not hiring at the moment due to budget cuts during a global pandemic.

Even though Microsoft is letting go of many human employees, the company has decided to provide little help to them, as all individuals have provided high-quality service throughout their lives for Microsoft. These decisions were not taken due to the current coronavirus pandemic plaguing the whole world, but the requirement for the company towards progress in their line of business.

Comments of previous employees regarding the decision for replacing of journalists with robots

One of the staff members who have been previously employed by Microsoft commented after hearing recent news regarding replacing of journalists with robots that he always has been afraid of artificial intelligence taking away his job. And now the events have finally occurred when AI robots will be working in his place.

Another individual gave his remarks, saying that replacing humans with artificial intelligent programmed robots is a very risky decision for a multibillion-dollar company as it might backfire. The previous human employees were very careful to follow through with stricter guidelines for their editorials. They ensured that the content posted on the MSN website does not contain any inappropriate or violent content when the user opens their browser. The website and edge browser were specifically designed to contain suitable content, especially for younger users.

Content posted on MSN webpage

The group of employees working on the MSN webpage before replacing of journalists with robots does not post original stories, but the content was taken from multiple other news websites and edited slightly to fir their format before being posted on the Microsoft MSN website. The revenue coming from these articles to Microsoft was then shared with the original publishers. The manual editing on multiple articles was done to provide a relevant format with clear headlines for their users. Untrustworthy content was not uploaded on the website, and interesting composition was encouragingly featured on the webpage.

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